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2015 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 29-December 4, 2015 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: T. John Balk, Ram Devanathan, George G. Malliaras, Larry A. Nagahara, Luisa Torsi

Symposium UU—Frontiers in Scanning Probe Microscopy

Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) is one of the major tools responsible for the emergence of Nanotechnology. For the last years, we have witnessed a further proliferation of SPM in many areas of research: SPM helps solving various materials challenges in the fields of energy harvesting, semiconductor processing, sensors, self-assembly, biotechnology, and life sciences. Also, medical applications are on the horizon. The number of advanced SPM techniques that become commercially available these days keeps growing extremely fast. Many recent results are exciting and generally accepted but some are treated as controversial yet.

The main objective of this symposium is to gather leading SPM researchers to discuss the potential of novel SPM techniques, and to promote and discuss existing SPM methods applied to solve new problems. To attain this objective, a broad discussion of experts in different areas of material sciences and engineering, biophysics, condensed matter, and instrumentation development is needed. It is expected that the interdisciplinary nature of this symposium will attract strong participation from both academia and industry in the multidisciplinary environment of MRS meetings.

The series of symposiums on SPM techniques organized within the framework of the MRS over the last decade has been extremely successful in bringing together international leaders in both academia and industry, and attracting great interest of young researchers and students.

Topics will include:

  • Novel developments in SPM techniques: theory, instrumentation and applications, including high speed, high-resolution, SICM, multifrequency, tip enhanced optical techniques, SNOM, Microwave (SMM), etc.
  • SPM applications inelectronic devices (metals, semiconductors and organic electronics)
  • SPM applications inenergy applications
  • SPM applications inpolymers, biophysics, medicine
  • Mechanics at thenanoscale, force measurements
  • Chemical identificationof atoms and molecules, including nano and bio-sensors

Invited Speakers:

  • Ricardo Garcia (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, Spain)
  • Franz Giessibl (University of Regensburg, Germany)
  • Jim Gimzewski (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
  • Leo Gross (IBM, Switzerland)
  • Sergei Kalinin (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)
  • Satoshi Kawata (Osaka University, Japan)
  • Zoya Leonenko (University of Waterloo, Canada)
  • Mervyn Miles (University of Bristol, United Kingdom)
  • Lukas Novotny (University of Rochester, USA)
  • Joon W. Park (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
  • John Polanyi (University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Heinrich Schäfer (University of Bielefeld, Germany)
  • André Schirmeisen (University of Giessen, Germany)

Symposium Organizers

Igor Sokolov
Tufts University
Department of Mechanical Engineering, of Biomedical Engineering, of Physics

Lukas M Eng
Technische Universität Dresden
Institute of Applied Photophysics

Robert Ros
Arizona State University
Department of Physics and Center for Biological Physics

Udo Schwartz
Yale University
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science