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2015 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 29-December 4, 2015 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: T. John Balk, Ram Devanathan, George G. Malliaras, Larry A. Nagahara, Luisa Torsi

Symposium VV—In Situ Study of Synthesis and Transformation of Materials

In situ imaging, spectroscopy, and scattering are highly versatile experimental techniques that probe the dynamic process of materials formation and transformation, and structure-property relationships in materials in real time. In recent years, in situ TEM and synchrotron based x-ray have expanded significantly to incorporate new environments, probes, and detectors to meet rapidly growing research needs in materials science. These techniques have been employed, for example, to understand the processes of phase transitions, nanoparticle nucleation and growth, self-assembly and coarsening, semiconductor/magnetic device operation, and in colloidal, electrochemical, organic, macromolecular, and biomineral systems.

The symposium will cover a broad range of topics related to in situ studies. Particular attention will be paid to the application of in situ techniques in the investigation of (but not limited to) phase transformations, cluster formation and dynamics, particle nucleation, crystal growth, crystal defect formation and elimination, recrystallization, nanoparticle interactions and assembly, nanowire growth, polymeric, macromolecular and organic/inorganic self-assembly, chemical reactions, and interface dynamics in environmental conditions. The goal of this symposium is to provide the forum for researchers from various fields utilizing in situ methods to understand the physics and chemistry of materials.

Topics will include:

  • Mechanically, electrically or magnetically driven processes
  • Self-assembly of nanoparticles
  • In situ probing of phase transformations
  • Nanoparticle mediated growth andoriented attachment process
  • Nucleation and crystal growth processes
  • Catalysis processes
  • Chemical and electrochemical reactions
  • Self-assembly and dynamical processes in polymeric and biomolecular systems
  • Crystallization in biomineral and biomimetic systems
  • Electron/x-ray beam effects during in situ study
  • Novel in situ characterization techniques
  • In situ methods with theoretical modeling

Invited Speakers:

  • Paul Alivisatos (Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
  • Jesse Clark (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA)
  • Gerhard Dehm (Max-Planck-Institute for Iron Research, Germany)
  • Frank de Groot (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
  • Xiaodong Han (Beijing University of Technology, China)
  • Jung Ho Je (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
  • Marc Legros (CEMES-CNRS, France)
  • Dongsheng Li (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
  • Aaron Lindenberg (LCLS, USA)
  • Amanda Petford-Long (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
  • Yang Ren (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
  • Frances Ross (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)
  • Robert Sinclair (Stanford University, USA)
  • Eric Stach (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)
  • Yugang Sun (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
  • Mitra Taheri (Drexel University, USA)
  • Kislon Voïtchovsky (Durham University, United Kingdom)
  • Ze Zhang (Zhejiang University, China)
  • Haimei Zheng (Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)

Symposium Organizers

Yuzi Liu
Argonne National Laboratory

Michael Behr
The Dow Chemical Company

Shen Dillon
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Sang Ho Oh
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Republic of Korea