2019 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

Meet Your New Faculty Candidate—Poster Session

Wednesday, December 4
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Hynes, Level 2, The Hub–Hall D

This event is an opportunity for faculty candidates to showcase their research in a poster session while networking with recruiters and search committees. Learn more in this short video »

Candidates interested in this session should submit an abstract by October 15.

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October 17 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
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Tips for Marketing Yourself

Candidates should be prepared to engage in high-level discussions of their work and expertise as well as to discuss their motivation for becoming an educator.

Recruiters and search committees will receive an abstract booklet that includes information about the candidates as well as their poster number for easy location during the event. Recruiters and search committees must RSVP to the event by November 15.

F19 Faculty Candidate_360x240Abstract Submission Instructions

Due to the size of the event space, the number of posters accepted will be limited.  Early submissions, received by September 30, will receive priority.  All abstracts must be received by October 15.  Required fields include:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Current Institution
  4. Current Job Title
  5. Area of Research
  6. Title of Poster
  7. Abstract of Poster (<200 words)
  8. PDF of Resume/CV (file size<10 MB)

Posters should be no larger than 36 inches wide by 40 inches high.  All presenters are encouraged to bring copies of their resume or CV to the session.


Abstract Examples

"Laboratory for Electrochemical Materials and Energy Sustainability"

Innovative technologies enabled by next-generation materials will define the future of sustainable energy storage and conversion. My future research program will develop and apply a number of synthetic and theoretical strategies to solve a diverse range of chemistry and materials science problems related to next-generation materials for energy storage. This research program will enable the co-evolution of innovation and deployment strategies via inexpensive, earth-abundant chemistries. Specifically, my research group will i) introduce new, lithium and sodium conducting electrolytes to the field, ii) invent safe batteries using lithium and sodium solid electrolytes, and iii) promote a fundamental understanding of interfacial electrochemistry in hybrid energy storage devices. This research program will delve into the synthesis, processing, and fundamental understanding of how lithium and sodium are conducted through the solid matrix and at interfaces. As an educator, my main goal is to prepare students as critical thinkers and leaders in all walks of life. Based on my education and research background, I am confident that I can teach lecture-based and lab-based courses such as Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Crystallography, and Solid-State Chemistry.

“Surface Polariton based meta-materials and optoelectronics in the mid- to far-infrared”

My academic career has been defined by understanding the optical properties of materials and interfaces using infrared light. This has motivated me to seek the role of assistant professor in materials science and engineering, in order to provide both high quality research and teaching. My research has centered on leveraging polaritons - coupled states of light and matter - in order engineer new functionality into infrared devices and materials, in particular 2D materials. My groups future work aims to tightly confine light to optoelectronic transitions in atomically thin materials, in order to create new types of infrared source, detector and sensor technology. My experience and background lends me to teaching on key material subjects in solid state physics, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.