2019 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

Tutorial EN17—Nuclear Materials and Damage—Design and Impact

Sunday, December 01, 2019
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Hynes, Level 2, Room 203

The tutorial will provide an introduction to the challenges faced by nuclear materials, whether they be within or outside the core. It will discuss the materials choices that have been made historically, the impacts they endure during operation and how these impacts have themselves impacted material design. It will cover topics such as radiation damage, property changes during operation and future materials options.

1:30 pm
Material Choices Within the Reactor Core, Radiation Damage and Its Impacts

Karl Whittle, University of Liverpool

This will cover the historical reasoning behind the choices, the changes induced by radiation damage and how they impact the operational usage.

2:15 pm
Characterization and Visualization of Materials from Within the Core

Karl Whittle, University of Liverpool

This will look at how nuclear materials can be characterized, what can be determined and what the new techniques are capable of.

3:00 pm BREAK

3:30 pm
Historical Fuel Development, Performance and Selection

Maria Okuniewski, Purdue University

In core challenges and interdependencies associated with fuel performance.

4:15 pm
New Materials and Their Potential for New Technologies

Karl Whittle, University of Liverpool

Taking on board the first hour, linking it with new manufacturing methods and discussing future reactor technologies and their requirements.



Tutorial Notes

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