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Haiyan Wang, Purdue University

Candidate for MRS Board of Directors

Haiyan WangProf. Haiyan Wang is the Basil R. Turner Professor of Engineering in the School of Materials Engineering and School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University since 2016. She was on the faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University from 2006 to 2016. Prior to that, she was on the staff in the group of Superconductor Science and Technology at Los Alamos National Laboratory from 2003 to 2006, first as a postdoc and then as a technical staff member. She also served as a program director for the Electronic and Photonic Materials Program in the Division of Materials Science at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) from 2013-2015. Over this effort, she had the opportunity in serving and interacting with more than 500 faculty members in the field of electronic and photonic materials across hundreds of institutions in the united states. Many of them are past and current MRS members.

Her research focuses on experimental designs and processing of complex functional materials, covering a wide range of materials systems, processing techniques, characterization tools, and technology spaces.  More specifically, she specializes in high temperature superconductors coated conductors, nanostructured functional ceramics for solid oxide fuel cells, plasmonics and photonics, spintronics, ferroelectric and multiferroics, radiation tolerance materials, and bulk structural metals, and ductile ceramic designs. She pioneered the designs of vertically aligned nanocomposites and the design and processing of ductile high temperature ceramics via non-equilibrium processing techniques. She holds 11 issued and 5 pending U.S. patents that have been licensed to multiple companies. She has published over 650 journal articles (with 26500 citations and an H-index of 78) and presented over 350 invited and contributed talks at various international conferences. She serves as an associate editor for Science Advances (since 2018). Her major awards include TAMEST O'Donnell Award in Engineering 2015, ASM Silver Medal for Outstanding Materials Scientist in Mid-Career 2011, and presidential early career awards for scientists and engineers in 2008.  She was also the awardees of NSF-Career 2009, ONR-Young Investigator award 2009, and AFOSR-Young Investigator award 2007.

Wang is a fellow of MRS, NAI, APS, AAAS, ACerS, and ASM International. She is passionate in inspirational materials research and education and societal services. Her MRS involvements include serving as symposium organizers for 4 symposiums at 2008 and 2009 MRS spring and fall meetings, MRS award committee members (2020-present), and MRS Bulletin volume organizer for 2021 issues. She is also an active contributor to the Journal of Materials Research. 

Candidate's Statement

My involvement with MRS started 20 years ago when I was a Ph.D. student studying materials science and engineering at NC State University. Through MRS meetings, I presented my first professional poster and oral presentations in my career, interacted with peers, met my postdoc mentor, and received my first societal awarda MRS Graduate student silver award. Since then, I've witnessed how MRS helps all of us grow professionally, by connecting with our peers, sharing our research findings freely and shaping the future materials research community.

Over the years, MRS has grown as one of the top materials societies internationally with very popular spring and fall meetings. This is all because of the strong MRS leadership and the great time, efforts and thought that all the colleagues put into MRS. Ever since the start of my professorship, I started to be part of the MRS organizing team, including organizing MRS symposiums (4 symposiums in 2008 and 2009), participating the committee services (Award committee and others) as well as MRS Bulletin volume organizing efforts (2021 volumes). Now I have prepared myself strongly in my research expertise and records, gained much experience in many sectors of MRS operation, and acquired leadership skills through my NSF program director efforts and committee chair services. I am ready to serve the entire MRS membership by serving on the MRS board of directors.

In all of my roles, I cherish research freedom and communication, equity across genders, races and geography, and inspiring next generation materials scientists. My strengths in broad research experiences, service and leadership experiences, and passion in service will be an asset to the MRS membership. There are several areas that I will strive for during my service as a MRS board member.

First, to help our young generation materials scientists to grow through different stages of their careers, I will work on the board to identify areas to effectively increase student and postdoc membership, promote their success through early careers, and prepare them better for future academic and research careers. They are the future of MRS and our materials community.

Second, to facilitate research freedom and communications under the challenging pandemic period, I will work with the board to develop strategies for seamless integration of in-person and on-line conferences, and identify new models for future conferences as well as effective research dissemination mechanisms beyond conferences and journal publications. With the new tools and on-line technologies developed through the pandemic time, multi-modality meetings will be popular and more flexible for research dissemination. 

Third, to promote equity in all aspects of MRS activities, I will work with the board in developing new strategies for promoting researchers in under-represented minority status, women researchers, and involving researchers from different geographical regions across the world. I believe diversity and equity will help the materials society grow healthier and stronger internationally and fuel the materials technology advancements for human beings.

I am passionate in serving the materials science community and very much look forward to the opportunity to serve on the MRS board of directors and make MRS a home society for all materials scientists.