Session Chair Procedures

Session Chair responsibility is to:

  • assist with the smooth flow of the session
  • ensure the session environment is distraction free
  • ensure that the equipment for the presenter (audio-visual equipment, microphones and lighting) is satisfactory
  • ensure that presentations follow the scheduled program

Plan to be in the meeting room 15 minutes before your session to assist the presenting author in setting up their personal equipment. Lights in the meeting room have been preset at a level of brightness which will enable attendees to take notes.  If there are any audio-visual or temperature problems, notify MRS staff for assistant.

At the Beginning of the Session

Make any general announcements including any program changes, remind attendees to silence cell phones and mention “Recording of Presentations or Photos is Strictly Prohibited.”

Introduce the Presenter to the audience. Find his/her name and affiliation on the Session Sheet.  Also, as a courtesy to attendees and other presenters, interrupt the presenter if he/she is not finished at the end of his/her time.  It is important to maintain published program times in order to facilitate attendee scheduling. 

Presenters: Invited talks are 30 minutes and are indicated on the session sheets by an asterisk (*) before the abstract final id number (e.g. *B01.01). Contributed talks are 15 minutes.

Presenter No Show: If you have a “presenter no show,” do not rearrange the schedule of presentations.  Use the open time slot for discussion or review.    It is important to maintain published program times in order to facilitate attendee scheduling. 

If your meeting room has people standing, there may be available seats throughout the room.  Please ask attendees to move over to enable seating access by others.  Then ask those standing to come forward to take a seat.  If this does not solve the problem, notify MRS staff for assistant.  Remember:  it is normal to experience standing-room crowds at times.

Program change procedures: Post any last-minute change to the session sheet on the sign at the entrance to your conference room.




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