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IMRC 2020 LogoXXIX International Materials Research Congress

August 16-20, 2020
Cancun, Mexico

In view of the extraordinary challenges that Human Society is facing today due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our primary responsibility for the health and safety of ourselves and families has been dramatically extended to that of our neighbors, colleagues and indeed any other person with whom we interact and share space. We must do everything possible to follow the indications and recommendations of the authorities and “stay-at-home”. As professionals and members of the materials research and education community, we must also be prepared and willing to collaborate with researchers in other disciplines who are actively performing studies that may come up with solutions to mitigate the pandemic and find a vaccine as soon as possible.

As if the public health problem was not sufficiently grave, our society must also deal with an economic crisis that probably will be the most severe in our live span.  In this sense, we must also be prepared to collaborate with government coordinated efforts and all sectors of the productive systems to help us recover from the damage to our global and, in particular, national economy.  As educators, we must do every effort to keep our programs running and, as much as possible, continue our research projects and programs. 

It is under these bleak circumstances that we must inform you that the XXIX International Materials Research Congress that would be held from 16th to 20th August, 2020 in Cancun, Mexico,  has been officially cancelled.  This decision has been taken considering both public health measures and our responsibility to protect our members and the community.

SMM and MRS recognize and appreciate the great efforts on the part of Congress Chairmen, Symposium Organizers, staff, and contributors to create the meeting program for 2020.  We also recognize that this decision may cause unforeseen affections to all those attendees that were already planning their presentations, papers and trip to Cancun.  It is our intent to reschedule as much of the program as possible for IMRC 2021.  We will keep you informed.

A core mission of the Materials Research Society is to promote leading-edge research on materials around the world.  The Materials Research Society (MRS) and the Sociedad Mexicana de Materiales (SMM) are excited to be working together on this global effort by growing the International Materials Research Congress (IMRC) held annually in Cancun, Mexico.

For more information, please visit the official site.

Meeting Chairs

Claudia Felser
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Chemistry, Germany

Veerle Keppens

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Mildred Quintana

Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, México

Raúl Esquivel Sirvent
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México


A.  Materials Processing and Design
B.  Materials for Environmental Applications
C.  Materials for Energy Conversion, Storage and Harvesting
D.  Quantum Materials—Including Topology and 2D Materials
E.  Organic, Hybrid Materials and Bioapplications
F.  General
W. Workshop