Preparing Your Recorded Presentation

Your recorded presentation is in addition to your live presentation (regardless of whether it is onsite or virtual).  These recordings will allow a wider audience to view your work. 

You will be provided with instructions on how to upload your recording to the virtual meeting platform when you receive your virtual meeting access code. 
The deadline for uploading will be November 24, 2021. Registered presenters will receive their virtual meeting access code by November 11.  Additional instructions for accessing the platform will be included at that time. 

  • Presenters will create and upload a PowerPoint + Audio presentation that is saved as an .MP4 or .MOV. It is important that you save your file in one of these formats to prevent downloading from the site.
  • A tutorial on adding audio to a PowerPoint can be found here: How to Add Voice Over on PowerPoint Slides. There is no MRS template that you have to follow.
  • Instructions on how to save your PowerPoint file to an .MP4 or .MOV can be found here: Save a presentation as a movie file or MP4.

  • Maximum file size is 10GB.

  • Slide One should contain the abstract title, symposium, the presenter’s name, organization and email address.

  • Poster presenters should break up their poster into three or four slides for ease of viewing.

  • Virtual poster presenters must upload their recording by November 24, 2021 to be considered for a Best Poster Award. All Best Poster awards, including poster presentations given during the virtual meeting, will be announced onsite in Boston on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:15 pm ET.
  • The length of your recording should be as follows; it is OK to be over or under these times by a few minutes:
    • Invited – 30 minutes
    • Oral – 15 minutes
    • Poster – 5 minutes
  • Registered attendees will have access to the virtual meeting and will be able to view content until January 15, 2022.

  • Again, this is not a substitute for your live presentation.
    You are still expected to participate in person during your sessioned meeting time (either onsite in Boston or virtually, whichever you have been assigned).

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