Tutorial EQ10: Magnetoelectric Antennas—Materials, Design, Simulation, Fabrication, Test and Applications

Monday, November 29, 2021
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Hynes, Level 2, Room 206

In this tutorial, we will discuss magnetoelectric antennas, talking about their materials, designs, simulation, fabrication, test and applications. This tutorial targets an audience interested in working in the area of magnetic, piezoelectric, multiferroic and magnetoeletcric materials and how they contribute to the performance of magnetoelectric antennas working from VLF (3~30 kHz) to UHF (300~3000 MHz) frequency range. The focus of the tutorial will be on the materials, designs, simulation, fabrication, test and applications of these magnetoelectric antennas.

Magnetic, Piezioelectric and Magnetoelectric Materials for Magnetoelectric Antennas 
Nian Sun, Northeastern University 

  • Introduction of magnetic materials, ferro/piezoelectric materials, and magnetoelectric materials.
  • Characterization of magnetic materials, ferro/piezoelectric materials, and magnetoelectric materials.
  • Magnetoelectric antennas from VLF to UHF and their applications

Magnetoelectric Antennas: Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Tests 
Hwaider Lin, Winchester Technologies, LLC 

  • ME antenna: State of the art
  • ME antenna: Design and fabrication
  • ME antenna: Measurement and result
  • ME antenna: Further works and discussion

Electrically Small Antennas and How Materials Can Help
Ethan Wang, University of California, Los Angeles 

  • Chu’s theory in radiation of electrically small antennas
  • Roles of mechanical, magnetic and magnetoelectric materials in electrically small antennas
  • Full-wave modeling of piezoelectric and magnetoelectric effects in antennas
  • Examples of electrically small antennas based on mechanical, magnetic and magnetoelectric effects

Phase-Field Simulation of ME
Jiamian Hu, University of Wisconsin, Madison 

  • Introduction to phase-field models for ferroic materials and devices
  • Challenges for developing phase-field model for simulating ME antennas
  • Results on phase-field simulations of ME antennas
  • Related examples: Phase-field simulations of acoustically mediated spintronic emitters in millimeter-wave and terahertz range

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