NSF-DMR Materials Innovation Platform Forum

Wednesday, December 1
10:30 am – 3:00 pm
Sheraton, 3rd Floor, Fairfax

Featuring success stories from users of Materials Innovation Platforms (MIPs)

Materials Innovation Platforms (MIPs) are user facilities dedicated to accelerating discovery in specific classes of materials by providing a community of practitioners with access to cutting edge tools in theory, synthesis and characterization and the ability to share knowledge. MIPs are funded by the National Science Foundation and they are freely available to users from universities and national laboratories in the United States—from scientists just beginning their careers to seasoned experts—from all institutions.

The first two MIPs in inorganic electronic materials were founded in 2016: 2DCC and PARADIM. An additional two Platforms in biomaterials were created in 2020: BioPACIFIC MIP and GlycoMIP. MIPs serve users throughout the United States and offer in-house research programs, data-enabled science efforts and education and outreach activities.

This event will showcase the successes and unique capabilities of MIP national user facilities. The late-morning oral session will be followed by a complimentary lunch, and the event will conclude with an early afternoon session.  This event is aimed at current users as well as potential users with an interest in learning what is possible in these NSF-funded Platforms.

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