2022 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit


Registration for the 2022 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit is now open!  Please take a moment before completing your registration to ensure your My MRS account is up to date.  

PRESENTERS: Please make sure to register for the experience that matches your presentation format. 

MRS will honor presentation format change requests (from the in-person to virtual or from the virtual to in-person meeting) until September 15, 2022. After September 15, MRS will not change presentations from their current format.

To request a presentation format change before September 15, accept your current invitation and contact meetings@mrs.org.

Early Bird Rates

Valid through September 28, 2022, 11:59 pm EDT

The Boston Experience
Includes all benefits of the Virtual Experience 

  • Meeting Registration—$795
  • Meeting Registration with Member Discount—$655
  • Student Registration—$195
  • Student Registration with Member Discount—$155
  • Unemployed—$200
  • Retired—$200

The Virtual Experience

  • Meeting Registration—$410
  • Meeting Registration with Member Discount—$275
  • Student Registration—$135
  • Student Registration with Member Discount—$110
  • Unemployed—$110
  • Retired—$110

Preregistration Rates

Valid through November 10, 2022, 11:59 pm EDT

The Boston Experience
Includes all benefits of the Virtual Experience 

  • Meeting Registration—$870
  • Meeting Registration with Member Discount—$730
  • Student Registration—$225
  • Student Registration with Member Discount—$185
  • Unemployed—$210
  • Retired—$210

The Virtual Experience

  • Meeting Registration—$440
  • Meeting Registration with Member Discount—$305
  • Student Registration—$155
  • Student Registration with Member Discount—$120
  • Unemployed—$120
  • Retired—$120

Regular Rates

Valid after November 11, 2022

The Boston Experience
Includes all benefits of the Virtual Experience 

  • Meeting Registration—$950
  • Meeting Registration with Member Discount—$810
  • Student Registration—$245
  • Student Registration with Member Discount—$205
  • Unemployed—$220
  • Retired—$220

The Virtual Experience

  • Meeting Registration—$470
  • Meeting Registration with Member Discount—$335
  • Student Registration—$175
  • Student Registration with Member Discount—$140
  • Unemployed—$130
  • Retired—$130

2022 MRS Fall Meeting registration includes
complimentary MRS membership from January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.
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Cancellation Policy


To cancel your meeting registration order, you must  notify MRS in writing of your request for a refund. The timing of your request is important in determining refund amounts. Refunds will be made upon receipt of written refund request within the following guidelines:

  • Registration cancellation made by November 10, 2022:
    Registration fee paid will be refunded in full.
  • Registration cancellation made November 11 - 26, 2022:
    Individuals registered as professionals will receive a refund of the registration fees paid, less an administrative fee of $175.
    No refunds will be provided to those registered as students, retired or unemployed.
  • Registration cancellation made on or after November 27, 2022:
    Refund requests will not be honored after the start of the meeting (November 27, 2022)

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