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SF05.04.02 2023 MRS Spring Meeting

Design, Collapse and Mixing of Nanoreactors for In Situ TEM Imaging of Confined Reactions in Liquids

When and Where

Apr 11, 2023
2:00pm - 2:15pm

Marriott Marquis, B2 Level, Golden Gate B



Emory Chan1,Sardar Alam1

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1


Emory Chan1,Sardar Alam1

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1
Nanocapsules are hollow nanoscale shells that have applications in drug delivery, batteries, self-healing materials, and as model systems for naturally occurring shell geometries. In many applications, nanocapsules are designed to release their cargo as they buckle and collapse, but the details of this transient buckling process have not been directly observed. Here we use <i>in situ</i> liquid phase transmission electron microscopy to record the mixing of lipid nanocapsules and the electron-irradiation-induced buckling in spherical polymer capsules. We observe in real time the release of aqueous cargo from these nanocapsules and their buckling into morphologies with single or multiple indentations. The <i>in situ</i> buckling of nanoscale capsules is compared to <i>ex situ</i> measurements of collapsed and micrometer-sized capsules and to Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. The shape and dynamics of the collapsing nanocapsules are consistent with MC simulations. Our experiments suggest design rules for nanocapsules with desired buckling response based on parameters such as capsule radius, wall thickness, and collapse rate.


electron irradiation

Symposium Organizers

Sijie Chen, Karolinska Institutet
Ben Zhong Tang, South China University of Technology
Shuai Zhang, University of Washington
Xin Zhang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Symposium Support

Aggregate (C/o South China University of Technology-SCUT)
Ming Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute | University of Washington
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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