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QT04.06.01 2024 MRS Spring Meeting

Superconductivity in Thin-film Nickelates: Materials Synthesis

When and Where

Apr 25, 2024
8:15am - 8:45am

Room 445, Level 4, Summit



Danfeng Li1

City University of Hong Kong1


Danfeng Li1

City University of Hong Kong1
Developing new techniques to design and discover novel superconductors, especially those with unusual symmetries of superconducting order parameters and/or exotic pairing mechanisms, opens new doors to future applications in quantum devices. The recent discovery of superconductivity in infinite-layer nickelates has engendered reviving interest in the study of a cuprate-analog system [1]. Notably, superconducting nickelates display signatures of intriguing similarities and distinctions to the cuprates in their phase diagrams, proximity to strongly correlated electronic phases [2], antiferromagnetic interactions [3], superconducting anisotropy [4], etc. Partially owing to the non-trivial challenges in materials synthesis and their thin-film nature [5], experimental demonstration of the intrinsic properties of this materials family has still been limited. In this talk, I will introduce this new family of superconductors synthesized by a soft-chemistry approach and highlight the key aspects of their electronic and magnetic structure. I will also present our latest developments in synthetic approaches to the nickelate materials system and probing of their distinct features, in a broader context of the unusual role that rare-earth elements and chemical environment play.<br/><br/>[1] D. Li <i>et al.</i>, <i>Nature</i> <b>572</b>, 624 (2019).<br/>[2] D. Li <i>et al</i>., <i>Physical Review Letters</i> <b>125</b>, 27001 (2020).<br/>[3] H. Lu <i>et al.</i>, <i>Science</i> <b>373</b>, 213 (2021).<br/>[4] B. Y. Wang et al., <i>Nature Physics</i> <b>17</b>, 473 (2021).<br/>[5] K. Lee <i>et al.</i>, <i>APL Materials</i> <b>8</b>, 041107 (2020).


physical vapor deposition (PVD) | thin film

Symposium Organizers

Liangzi Deng, University of Houston
Qiang Li, Stony Brook University/Brookhaven National Laboratory
Toshinori Ozaki, Kwansei Gakun University
Ruidan Zhong, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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