2020 MRS Spring Meeting

MRS Frontiers Reception–Building Communities

Thursday, April 16
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
PCC North, 100 Level, Ballroom 120 D

Immediately following PowerPoint Karaoke, MRS is hosting an interactive networking event and reception to continue the process of building topical homes and communities within MRS in areas at the frontier of materials research.

This free evening event for all Meeting attendees will highlight and encourage engagement across emerging topics including:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Emerging Biomaterials—Synthetic Bio/3D Bioprinting/Bioelectronics
  • Quantum Materials and Technologies
  • Responsive and Adaptive Materials
  • Sustainability
  • Other Emerging Topics
What inspires you about these and other fields? What is needed to grow a sense of community? Through a range of interactive activities, participants will engage with leaders and colleagues, brainstorm ideas to shape the future, and discover how to bolster meaningful participation along this journey. 

Please join us for this fun and interactive beverage and hors d'oeuvre event. Be part of the conversation and help us chart a course to build new materials communities!

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Event organizers Rich Vaia and Ashley White discuss the MRS 2019 Spring Meeting event “Frontiers Reception: Building Communities,” in which participants helped to build and seek the interrelationship between shared communities of interest.