2020 MRS Spring Meeting

Resources for Authors & Presenters

Publishing Opportunities

MRS Advances is a peer-reviewed, online-only journal featuring impactful research, in particular rapid reports of work in progress, from MRS. The journal covers new and emerging science and is designed to reflect the way materials researchers work, write, publish and share their results. Article scope offers a focused, in-depth look at key materials topics of current interest.

MRS encourages submission to any of its premier journals, but submission to MRS Advances will ensure the most rapid publication and dissemination of your research while increasing the visibility and impact of the meeting and the individual symposium topics.

2020 MRS Spring Meeting Manuscript Submission

Submissions for the 2020 MRS Spring Meeting open in late January 2020 for the following:

  • MRS Advances: Characterization and Theory 
  • MRS Advances: Electronics and Photonics
  • MRS Advances: Energy, Storage and Conversion
  • MRS Advances: Nanoscale and Quantum Materials
  • MRS Advances: Soft Materials and Biomaterials

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically. Hard-copy submissions will not be accepted. (Please view the documents in the MRS Advances Author and Editor Information section for important information such as Manuscript Preparation Instructions, style guides, samples and more.)

Electronic papers are available to almost 14,000 MRS members and a growing number of subscribing institutions. MRS welcomes submission of manuscripts from all 2019 MRS Fall Meeting authors.

For more information, please visit http://www.mrs.org/mrs-advances-manuscript-instructions/.