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PowerPoint™ Karaoke

Thursday, April 13
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
InterContinental, Fourth Floor, Telegraph Hill

PowerPoint Karaoke challenges both the author of the slide and the presenter to improve their communication skills.

MRS TV talks to 2022 MRS Spring Meeting PowerPoint™ Karaoke event organizers Michael Wilhelm and Anja Sutorius about this fun, engaging meeting event.

Submit or Present a Slide (or Both!)

Calling materials science all-stars! Are you interested in becoming a more active participant at the MRS Meeting? Looking for some fun in your scientific life? Do you know a rising star who would be perfect as a presenter? Submit a creative slide, or deliver an amazing presentation, and win recognition and cash prizes.

• Create a PowerPoint side with a contribution to your research or a materials science-related topic. Check out our winning slide from 2019 »

• Don’t be too serious! Popular science topics aren’t the point; we’re looking for the funniest story or best design!

Topics can range from your actual research to something silly, such as the use of rubber ducks. Be sure to keep it simple so that anyone can present, and keep it clean—inappropriate content will not be accepted.

During the event, presenters will be placed in a breakout room and receive their assigned slides. Presenters will have five minutes to prepare a two-minute (maximum) presentation.

Winners will be selected by anonymous audience voting. First ($125), second ($75) and third ($50) place prizes will be awarded to both authors and presenters.

Participate as an Audience Member

Cheer on our presenters and vote to select the winners. Use this event as a fun team-building activity for your department, or use this opportunity to have University Chapter members engage and network. We hope to see you in San Francisco! 


PowerPoint™ Karaoke Application 

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To submit a slide, present a slide, or participate as an attendee you must adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct Policy. Any violation of these rules will lead to a direct disqualification without further notice. It is important to MRS that all parties participating in this event to lead by example. Any slides/presenters that violate this important MRS Code of Conduct policy will be discarded immediately.

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MRS Student Engagement Subcommittee

Anja SutoriusAnja Sutorius
University of Cologne



Nabojit Kar
Indiana University, Bloomington



Michael Wilhelm
David Allemeier
University of Vermont


Eva Hemmer
University of Ottawa
Chair, Student Engagement Subcommittee

PowerPoint Karaoke is an independent event and is neither affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or approved by Microsoft Corporation.

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