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From Mechanobiology of Living Cells and Tissues to Dynamic Processes of Single Molecules using AFM | Bruker AFM & nanoIR
We discussed how the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) technology has emerged as a powerful multipurpose tool for life science research, enabling the comprehensive nanomechanical characterization of biological samples at the nanoscale.

Building Blocks: Creating the Perfect Bioink | CELLINK
An engaging and comprehensive overview of all things bioinks!

Direct Write Lithography Systems and Applications | Heidelberg Instruments Inc.
This presentation gave a brief overview of lithography systems for Micro- and Nanofabrication offered by Heidelberg Instruments and touched briefly on applications these systems are used for.

How to get better, faster, and more meaningful data from SEM and EDS Analysis: Introducing the Axia ChemiSEM | Thermo Fisher Scientific
This presentation introduced Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new Axia ChemiSEM and showed how users are getting more out of their SEM and EDS analysis than ever before.

Advancing state of the art in nano- and micromechanical testing: Microscopy Products | Bruker Hysitron
An introduction to the Hysitron PicoIndenter systems, and how they can help you in your in-situ SEM and TEM nanomechanical research.

Continuum IS: Versatile Time-Resolved Data Collection | Gatan
Gatan's latest spectrometer, the Continuum, enables a wide range of techniques for (S)TEM investigations. This workshop presentation described the numerous types of data that can be collected with the Continuum IS.

Next-generation Products for Energy, Electronics, Biomedical and Nanomaterials Research | MilliporeSigma
Learn about the sciencesational new materials launched at MilliporeSigma to help advance your research, helping you save time while optimizing performance.

The Next Chapter in Sub-nanometer Electron Microscopy for Materials Science | Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC
ZEISS is pleased to introduce to the MRS community the market introduction of the new GeminiSEM family of sub-nanometer, low-kV field emission scanning electron microscopes.

High-Fidelity EBSD – Seeing New Things with Direct Electron Detection | EDAX
In this presentation, direct detection for EBSD was introduced, and applications in perovskite solar cells and additive manufacturing were discussed.

New Innovations in XRD Products from Bruker | Bruker AXS
An introduction to the Hysitron PicoIndenter systems, and how they can help you in your in-situ SEM and TEM nanomechanical research.

Looking Through the Nanoscope: Infrared Spectroscopy and Imaging at the Nanoscale with nanoIR3 | Bruker AFM & nanoIR
Learn how AFM-IR offers spectroscopy and imaging with direct correlation to FTIR at a 10 nm spatial resolution.

Advancing state of the art in nano- and micromechanical testing: Standalone Products | Bruker Hysitron
An introduction to the Hysitron TriboIndenter systems, and how they can help advance your materials research.

Characterization of Functional Materials by Electrical AFM Techniques | Bruker AFM & nanoIR
We presented the latest advancements in Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) for nanoscale functional properties characterization of materials as well as dedicated solutions for electrical studies in fluid environments.

Establishing Critical Quality Attributes for liposome-based drug products with a comprehensive range of Malvern Panalytical Technologies | Malvern Panalytical
This presentation explored Malvern Panalytical’s range of technologies for characterizing nano-carriers, such as liposomes, and how to leverage characterization insights for formulation development, optimization, and quality control.

3D X-ray Microscopy (XRM) Product Overview and Capabilities | Bruker AXS
Join us for a guided tour of our 3D XRM products and capabilities.

Rigaku XRD Solutions for Battery Research | Rigaku
Join us for a quick discussion around XRD solutions including Operando Analysis.

A new approach to multi-channel DC to 100 kHz voltage vs current characterization for low level signal applications | Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
Get a first look at an entirely new modular, multi-channel DC to 100 kHz source and measure system that provides tightly synchronized signal coordination with up to 6 channels covering a wide range of material characterization applications.


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