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2013 Press Releases

  • November 18, 2013

    MRS Bulletin Reviews Four Decades of Transformational Materials Developments

    As the Materials Research Society (MRS) celebrates its 40th anniversary, an article in the November issue of the prestigious MRS Bulletin, produced in partnership with Cambridge University Press, highlights some of the most groundbreaking developments in materials science and engineering—developments that would have been unthinkable just four decades ago—that are transforming our lives.
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  • November 15, 2013

    David J. Srolovitz Awarded 2013 Materials Theory Award

    The Materials Research Society (MRS) has named David J. Srolovitz, University of Pennsylvania, the recipient of its Materials Theory Award for his "decisive and highly influential contributions to the theory and simulation of microstructure, morphological evolution, mechanical behavior, and the structure and dynamics of interfaces."
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  • November 11, 2013

    Alexander A. Balandin Named 2013 MRS Medalist

    The Materials Research Society (MRS) has named Alexander A. Balandin, University of California, Riverside, as the 2013 MRS Medalist. Balandin is recognized for his “discovery of the extraordinary high intrinsic thermal conductivity of graphene, development of an original optothermal measurement technique for investigation of thermal properties of graphene, and theoretical explanation of the unique features of the phonon transport in graphene."
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  • November 05, 2013

    Robert O. Ritchie Selected for 2013 David Turnbull Lectureship

    The Materials Research Society (MRS) David Turnbull Lectureship recognizes the career of a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to understanding materials phenomena and properties through research, writing and lecturing, as exemplified by David Turnbull. This year's award will be presented to Robert O. Ritchie, University of California, Berkeley, for his"pioneering contributions to, and teaching us all how to think about, the mechanistic role of microstructure in governing fatigue and fracture in a variety of materials systems, and communicating his scientific insights to the world audience through eloquent lectures and seminal publications."
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  • October 22, 2013

    Materials Research Society Announces Vice President, Secretary, and New Board Members for 2014

    The Materials Research Society (MRS) is proud to announce the Vice President, Secretary and new Board members for the 2014 year, elected by the Society's global membership of over 16,400.
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  • September 17, 2013

    Journal of Materials Research—The Place to Publish Your Best Work

    The Journal of Materials Research (JMR) welcomes manuscripts describing new research that demonstrates a significant impact or advance of scientific understanding of interest to the materials research community.
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  • September 13, 2013

    MRS Bulletin Explores the Cleaning and Greening of Cement and Steel

    The future of two energy-hungry stalwarts of the building industry and infrastructure industry comes under scrutiny in the latest Energy Quarterly (EQ) section of the September 2013 issue of MRS Bulletin.
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  • August 14, 2013

    MRS Energy & Sustainability Call for Proposals

    The journal is now accepting proposals for topics to include new R&D of both established and new areas of energy and sustainability; interdisciplinary systems integration; and objective application of economic, sociological and governmental models, enabling research and technological developments.
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  • July 02, 2013

    Thomson Reuters Journals Citation Reports Announce Inaugural Impact Factor for MRS Communications

    Materials Research Society and Cambridge University Press announce that MRS Communications received its first impact factor (IF) of 1.250, based on just one issue. Also notable--the journal achieved this ranking in its first year of eligibility and within two years of its launch.
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  • June 14, 2013

    New Materials Reuse Wasted Auto Heat Asserts MRS Bulletin Article

    If your next change of car is due in 2020, the new model you drive away from the dealership should boast some revolutionary features that will change forever the way vehicles use energy. That's the conclusion in Philip Ball's article, "Thermoelectric heat recovery could boost auto fuel economy," from the latest Energy Quarterly (EQ) section in the June 2013 issue of MRS Bulletin.
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  • June 13, 2013

    MRS and TMS Announce 2013-2014 Congressional Science and Engineering Fellow

    The Materials Research Society (MRS) and The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) have selected Megan Brewster from GE Global Research as the 2013-2014 MRS/TMS Congressional Science and Engineering Fellow. Brewster will serve a one-year term working as a special legislative assistant on the staff of a member of Congress or congressional committee.
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  • May 07, 2013

    John A. Rogers to Receive MRS Mid-Career Researcher Award

    The Materials Research Society (MRS) has selected John A. Rogers, director of the Seitz Materials Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), to receive the 2013 Mid-Career Researcher Award “for fundamental and applied contributions to materials, mechanics designs, and assembly techniques for stretchable/flexible electronic systems.”
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  • May 07, 2013

    OSA, SPIE and MRS announce 2013-2014 Congressional Science and Engineering Fellows

    The Optical Society (OSA); SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics; and the Materials Research Society (MRS) are pleased to announce their 2013-2014 Congressional Science and Engineering Fellows. Carly Robinson, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder), will serve as the 2013-2014 Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellow co-sponsored by OSA and SPIE, and Sydney Kaufman, also a Ph.D. candidate at CU-Boulder, will serve as the OSA/MRS Congressional Fellow. Each will serve one-year terms working as special legislative assistants on the staffs of U.S. congressional offices or committees in Washington, D.C
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  • April 02, 2013

    New Energy and Sustainability Review Journal Launched by the Materials Research Society and Cambridge University Press

    The Materials Research Society (MRS) and Cambridge University Press have announced that they will be launching a new authoritative review journal focusing on energy and sustainability. The new journal, MRS Energy & Sustainability: A Review Journal, will launch in early 2014.MRS Energy & Sustainability aims to be a high-impact technical review journal focusing on key topics in materials research and development as they relate to energy and sustainability applications.
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  • March 27, 2013

    Chase and Rabolt to Receive 2013 MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award

    MRS's Innovation in Materials Characterization Award honors outstanding advance in materials characterization that notably increases knowledge of the structure, composition, in situ behavior under outside stimulus, electronic behavior, or other characterization feature, of materials. This year's award will be presented to D. Bruce Chase and John F. Rabolt, University of Delaware, "for development of Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy and the demonstration of its utility for examining the chemical structure and properties of organic molecules and polymers in solids, thin films, and solutions."
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  • March 18, 2013

    Experts Embrace New US Strategy on Nuclear Waste

    The reawakening of a United States strategy to bury nuclear waste deep underground has won the support of experts, who claim it has always been the best option for dealing with the country's growing nuclear waste stores. Prachi Patel's article, United States launches new direction to manage nuclear waste, recounts the obstacles on the road to successful nuclear waste storage so far and explores what happens next.
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  • March 13, 2013

    Materials Research Society Announces 2013 MRS Fellows

    MRS will recognize 24 members as Fellows of the Materials Research Society at the 2013 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco. This recognition honors MRS members who are notable for their distinguished accomplishments and their outstanding contributions to the advancement of materials research worldwide.
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  • March 07, 2013

    Alexandra Boltasseva to Receive 2013 MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award

    MRS's Outstanding Young Investigator Award recognizes outstanding, interdisciplinary scientific work in materials research by a young scientist or engineer who shows exceptional promise as a developing leader in the materials area. This year's award will be presented to Alexandra Boltasseva, assistant professor at Purdue University, "for pioneering research to develop novel materials for advanced plasmonic, metamaterial and transformation optics devices with potential applications in future nanoscale photonic technologies."
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  • February 27, 2013

    MRS Communications Now Covered in Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index Expanded

    The Materials Research Society and Cambridge University Press have announced that MRS Communications has been selected for coverage in the Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index Expanded® (SciSearch ®).
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