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Women in Materials Science and Engineering

  Materials Research Society Foundation

MRS Spring and Fall Meeting events for women in materials science and engineering are intended to promote interaction across various ethnic, cultural and gender boundaries and facilitate dialog among women (and men) working in, or pursuing education towards a profession in materials science or engineering. Our goal is to increase awareness by promoting a tone of inclusion that enhances professional growth and development and aids in the generation of innovative technical ideas that positively impact the broader STEM community.


Women in Materials Science & Engineering Breakfasts are held at both the MRS Spring and Fall Meetings. These special gatherings feature a timely discussion of issues facing women in the materials science and engineering professions. They afford attendees a great opportunity to network with eminent women in MS&E from around the world.

Recent Breakfasts


The Broadening Participation in Materials Subcommittee sponsors workshops at every MRS Fall Meeting. Past topics have included innovation, work-life balance, time management and negotiation.

Recent Workshops