Programs & Outreach

Education and Public Outreach

The Materials Research Society has developed a series of programs that expose students, teachers and lifelong learners to the excitement of discovery and the significance of materials science in their daily lives.  For interested MRS members, these programs provide an opportunity to participate in outreach activities, support national STEM education initiatives, and play a significant role in developing and nurturing the next generation of materials scientists.

The following are current programs developed by the Public Outreach Committee to educate the general public on materials research and its importance.

Focus on Sustainability Logo

As MRS advances its efforts in materials and sustainability, there is a strong and responsible need to shine a bright light on the society's sustainability science activities, including publications, special events, social media and symposia.

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Impact of Materials on Society Logo

Impact of Materials on Society is an introductory level course about how engineering shapes and is shaped by social and cultural variables, and that a career in engineering is not only about math and science, but also about social problem-solving.

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Strange Matter
Strange Matter is an interactive traveling exhibit with over a dozen hands-on experiences developed by MRS, the National Science Foundation and the Ontario Science Centre.

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