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It’s best to assign one symposium organizer to handle proceedings. The duties include soliciting articles from symposium participants, assigning reviewers for the proceedings papers, and interfacing with MRS staff to ensure timely publication and address any other issues that may arise.

In general, although the process for generating proceedings begins before the meeting your symposium is being held in, the majority of the work occurs AFTER the meeting. Plan accordingly.

Before the Meeting

  1. Submit a Proceedings Publishing Proposal and sign a Publication Agreement
  2. Determine whether your proceedings will be solely electronic or printed (minimum number of papers required for print)
  3. Solicit proceedings articles for your symposium–start early!
  4. Assign referees (reviewers) for papers

During the Meeting

  1. Attend demonstration of electronic proceedings manuscript submission and review website
  2. Remind proceedings authors of submission deadline; continue to solicit articles (it is helpful to put up a slide or make mention of deadline at the start AND end of your symposium sessions)

After the Meeting

  1. Follow up with any “stragglers”; the submission deadline is typically one week after the meeting ends, so this will be a busy period for you
  2. Assign reviewers for these last-minute manuscripts; check review progress and send reminders as needed.
  3. Keep in mind you may end up reviewing a paper (or two!) yourself
  4. Read reviews and make a final decision on a paper’s acceptability for ALL proceedings papers submitted
  5. Work with proceedings editors to complete volume

    Information for MRS Advances authors with templates, style guide and FAQ

    Refer to the website for your MRS meeting (Fall or Spring) during which your symposium will be held for specific information (e.g., submission deadlines).