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One of the symposium co-organizers will be the point of contact for MRS concerning programming and will keep track of deadlines related to programming, but much of the work involved should be done by the organizers as a group.

The tasks related to programming include developing the topics and scope of the symposium, writing a call for papers, inviting speakers, accepting/rejecting abstracts and organizing the talks into coherent sessions.

Each education symposium will have an online Dropbox, accessible by the organizers, that contains useful information, reference material and examples of calls for papers, etc. from previous symposia.

Before the Meeting

  1. Organizers decide on a theme and list of potential session topics which will be used to develop a symposium proposal, including a list of potential invited speakers (due ~18 months prior to the symposium)
  2. After symposium is accepted, invite speakers
  3. Write up a call for papers, including confirmed invited speakers (due one year prior to symposium)
  4. MRS will collect abstracts, which are available online to the symposium organizers. Keep track of abstracts for invited speakers and remind them to submit them to MRS (~six months before the symposium).
  5. Accept/reject abstracts and arrange into sessions; choose session chairs and submit session sheets to MRS (due ~two weeks after abstract deadline; ~five months before symposium).  Forms are available in the Spring Symposium Organizer Handbook and the Fall Symposium Organizer Handbook that make the process smooth and easy to follow.

During the Meeting

  1. For each session, make sure the session chairs have what they need and that speakers load up their presentations before the session in which they will be speaking.
  2. Be there to keep the symposium running smoothly and handle any last minute changes or problems.

After the Meeting

  1. Programming duties end with the meeting!

Useful Websites

The due dates given above are approximate. Refer to the website for your MRS meeting (Fall or Spring) during which your symposium will be held and/or your symposium organizers handbook for specific information (e.g., submission deadlines).