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Request Co-Sponsorship or Endorsement of a Non-MRS Event

The Materials Research Society recognizes that a thriving international network of professional communication is critical to ensuring rapid advancement in interdisciplinary materials research. Toward this end, MRS welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with other technical societies and organizations in co-sponsorships or endorsements. Such cooperation enables MRS to expand the scope of its programming, avoid duplication of technical topics, enhance the interdisciplinary environment and aid the dissemination of materials research results. The mutual benefits include wider notification of symposium topics, scope and focus; increased awareness of each organization's activities and publications; and identification of researchers with specific interests.

Generally, MRS will consider co-sponsorship or endorsement of a meeting if the topic is of high interest to a significant subset of MRS members and does not conflict with MRS policies and events. MRS prefers to co-sponsor or endorse specific topical meetings, workshops or symposia, rather than general multi-topical conferences.

Co-sponsorship is the strongest form of cooperation, in which an MRS appointee is directly and actively involved in program development. Co-sponsored meetings may or may not also have MRS operational or financial involvement. Any involvement requiring expending MRS labor or finances requires the approval of the MRS Director of Meetings Activities and/or the MRS Executive Director.

Endorsement is an official recommendation to MRS members, but without active MRS involvement in the programming. MRS maintains no financial or operational interest in such programming and assumes no liability with regard to endorsed meetings. View a list of current and upcoming MRS-endorsed meetings.

To have an event considered for either co-sponsorship or endorsement, please login with your MRS user ID and complete a Meeting Event Application and submit to MRS headquarters for processing.

Learn more about co-sponsorship and endorsement of MRS symposia.


Typically, MRS approval is received within three weeks of request receipt. However, please provide as much lead time as possible so that the request can receive proper consideration. Organizations will be informed of the decision as soon as possible, and a Letter of Agreement covering details will be sent to the primary contact for approved events.