2018 MRS Spring Meeting

MRS Postdoctoral Awards

The MRS Postdoctoral Awards recognize postdoctoral scholars who show exceptional promise that may include, for example, excellence in scientific research, leadership, advocacy, outreach, or teaching during their postdoc assignment.

MRS acknowledges the Jiang Family Foundation and MTI Corporation for their generous contribution to support this award.

Arnab BanerjeeArnab Banerjee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

for groundbreaking experiments providing evidence of topological excitations in a two-dimensional magnet, moving toward lossless qubits in quantum computing” 

Jie XuJie Xu, Stanford University

"for applying polymer physics concepts to realize integrated, intrinsically stretchable transistors for skin electronics” 

About Arnab Banerjee

Arnab Banerjee was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Quantum Condensed Matter Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), working closely with Drs. Nagler, Tennant and Chakoumakos. He received his PhD degree in physics in 2013 at the University of Chicago, where he was admitted as a Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Fellow working on quantum phase transitions under the supervision of Thomas Rosenbaum (now at the California Institute of Technology). He received his bachelor's degree in 2006 at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur.

Banerjee is dedicated to the identification, synthesis, tuning and careful neutron spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction and transport measurements of materials that can have potential applications in novel quantum devices, logic circuits and future electronics. His research also extends to thin-film synthesis and measurements. His research on the honeycomb magnet RuCl3 involved stringent materials control, and culminated in the observation of a topological excitation spectrum with fractional quasiparticles. The goal of his current research is to continue to reveal the effects of topology, non-linearity and coherence in quantum materials.

Banerjee's research was featured as among the top stories of 2016 by Discover Magazine, and his science endeavors have earned him and his team accolades at ORNL and elsewhere.


About Jie Xu

Jie Xu is working as a postdoctoral researcher under the advice of Zhenan Bao in the Chemical Engineering Department at Stanford University. She received her PhD degree in chemistry from Nanjing University in 2014. Her doctoral thesis was on understanding the molecular packing structure and dynamic behavior in confined soft matters.

Xu’s research focuses on the fundamental understanding of relationships between molecular packing structures and mechanical/electrical behaviors in electronic materials from a polymer physics perspective, as well as the development of innovative physical methodologies for controlling the molecular packing, which can tailor the solid properties of functional soft materials for skin electronics.

Xu is one of the co-leaders of the Stanford eWEAR Student Society and a co-organizer of eWear Student Symposia.