2018 MRS Sprring Meeting and Exhibit | Phoenix, Arizona

Symposium EN19 : Novel Inorganic Semiconductors for Optoelectronics and Solar Energy

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Symposium Organizers

Adele Tamboli, NREL
Joel Ager, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory / University of California, Berkeley
David Scanlon, University College London
Lydia Wong, Nanyang Technological University
EN19.01: High–Throughput Techniques
Session Chairs
Kathleen Kash
David Scanlon
Tuesday PM, April 03, 2018
PCC North, 100 Level, Room 124 B

10:30 AM - EN19.01.01
Materials by Design for Energy Applications

John Perkins1

National Renewable Energy Laboratory1

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11:00 AM - EN19.01.02
Earth-Abundant Bismuth-Based Semiconductors as Novel Photovoltaics

Alex Ganose1,2,Keith Butler3,Aron Walsh4,5,David Scanlon1,2

University College London1,Diamond Light Source2,University of Bath3,Imperial College London4,Yonsei University5

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11:15 AM - EN19.01.03
High Throughput Screening of P-Type Transparent Chalcogenide Candidates

Rachel Woods-Robinson1,2,3,Shyam Dwaraknath2,Andriy Zakutayev3,Kristin Persson1,2

University of California, Berkeley1,Lawrence Berkeley National Lab2,National Renewable Energy Laboratory3

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11:30 AM - EN19.01.04
High Throughput Experimental Database for Optoelectronic Materials

Andriy Zakutayev1,Nick Wunder1,Marcus Schwarting1,John Perkins1,Robert White1,Kristin Munch1,William Tumas1,Caleb Phillips1

National Renewable Energy Laboratory1

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11:45 AM - EN19.01.05
Combining Chemical Heuristics, Machine Learning and First Principles Calculations for Rapid Materials Screening

Daniel Davies1,Keith Butler1,Olexandr Isayev2,Aron Walsh3

University of Bath1,University of North Carolina2,Imperial College London3

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EN19.02: Novel Synthesis Techniques
Session Chairs
Edgardo Saucedo
Adele Tamboli
Tuesday PM, April 03, 2018
PCC North, 100 Level, Room 124 B

1:30 PM - EN19.02.01
Formation, Doping and Grain Growth of Inorganic Chalcopyrite, Kesterite and Bismuth Halide Semiconductors via Solution Processing

Hugh Hillhouse1

Univ of Washington1

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2:00 PM - EN19.02.02
ZnGeP2—A Promising Material for Integration with Silicon-Based Optoelectronics

Rekha Schnepf1,2,Aaron Martinez1,2,John Mangum1,2,Noemi Leick1,Paul Ndione1,Elisa Miller-Link1,Pauls Stradins1,2,Eric Toberer1,2,Adele Tamboli1,2

National Renewable Energy Laboratory1,Colorado School of Mines2

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2:15 PM - EN19.02.03
Defects and Defect Dynamics in Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors

Julia Medvedeva1

Missouri University of Science and Technology1

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2:30 PM - EN19.02

EN19.03: Oxides and Perovskites for Solar Energy
Session Chairs
Julia Medvedeva
Lydia Wong
Tuesday PM, April 03, 2018
PCC North, 100 Level, Room 124 B

3:30 PM - EN19.03.01
Recent Insights in Bulk and Interfacial Properties of Ternary Metal Oxide Photoelectrodes for Water Splitting

Roel Van de Krol1

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH1

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4:00 PM - EN19.03.02
Combinatorial Alloying Improves Bismuth Vanadate Photoanodes via Reduced Monoclinic Distortion

Paul Newhouse1,Dan Guevarra1,Mitsu Umehara1,Sebastian Reyes-Lillo2,Lan Zhou1,David Boyd1,Santosh Suram1,Joel Haber1,Jeffrey Neaton2,John Gregoire1

Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, California Institute of Technology1,Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis and Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA2

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4:15 PM - EN19.03.03
Main-Group Halide Perovskites—Crystal Structure, Dynamics and Insights for Functional Materials Discovery

Douglas Fabini1,Mitchell Koerner1,Geneva Laurita2,Ram Seshadri1

University of California, Santa Barbara1,Bates College2

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4:30 PM - EN19.03.04
A First Principles Study on the Electronic and Optical Properties and Hole Effective Masses of Pure and Mg-Doped CuAlO2 and AgAlO2 Transparent Conducting Oxides

Luisa Scolfaro1,James Shook1,Pablo Borges2

Texas State University1,Universidade Federal de Vicosa2

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4:45 PM - EN19.03.05
Amorphous Zinc Tin Oxide Using High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering—Characterisation, Doping and Device Applications

Hiep Tran1,Billy Murdoch1,Dougal McCulloch1,David McKenzie2,Marcela Bilek2,Anthony Holland1,Jim Partridge1

RMIT University1,The University of Sydney2

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EN19.04: Poster Session I
Session Chairs
Joel Ager
Adele Tamboli
Tuesday PM, April 03, 2018
PCC North, 300 Level, Exhibit Hall C-E

5:00 PM - EN19.04.01
Electron Transport and Visible Light Absorption in a Plasmonic Photocatalyst Based on Strontium Niobate

Dongyang Wan1,Teguh Asmara2,Bixing Yan1,2,Mallikarjuna Motapothula1,Thirumalai Venkatesan1,2

NUSNNI-Nanocore1,National University of Singapore2

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.02
Flexible CZTSSe Solar Cell Characteristics from Sputtering Precursors

Kee-Jeong Yang1


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5:00 PM - EN19.04.03
Semiconductor Nanostructures for Photon Upconversion—Tailoring Performance Metrics Through Bandgap Engineering

Christopher Milleville1,Eric Chen1,Zhuohui Li1,Kyle Lennon1,Diane Sellers1,Joshua Zide1,Matthew Doty1

University of Delaware1

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.04
Numerical and Experimental Study of InxGa1-xN Water-Splitting Photoelectrodes

Sophia Haussener1,Yannick Gaudy1,Pavel Aseev2

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland1,TU Delft2

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.05
Novel Approach to Utilize Amine-Thiol Chemistry for Synthesis of Conventional as Well as Novel Thin-Film Photovoltaic Semiconductors

Swapnil Deshmukh1,David Rokke1,Rakesh Agrawal1

Purdue University1

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.06
Bismuth Silver Oxysulfide for Photoconversion Applications—Structural and Optoelectronic Properties

Amal BaQais1,2,Antton Curutchet3,Ahmed Ziani1,Hassan Ait Ahsaine1,Philippe Sautet4,Kazuhiro Takanabe1,Tangui Le Bahers3

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)1,Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU)2,Universite Lyon, ENS de Lyon, CNRS, Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 13,University of California4

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.07
Spontaneous Etching of Oxide and Sulfide Underlayers by Cu2-xS Atomic Layer Deposition

Raphael Agbenyeke1,2,Bo Keun Park1,2,Gun Hwan Kim1,Taek-Mo Chung1,2,Chang Gyoun Kim1,2,Jeong Hwan Han3

Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology1,Korea University of Science and Technology2,Seoul National University of Science and Technology3

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.09
Splitting Photons—Singlet Fission in a Hybrid System Using PbS Nanocrystals and Functionalized Diphenylhexatriene

Daryl Hawkes1,2,Beverly Ru1,2,Xin Li1,2,MingLee Tang1,2

University of California, Riverside1,Tang Lab2

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.11
ReS2/ReSe2 Heterojunction-Based Infrared Photodetector

Hae Won Lee1,Seo-Hyeon Jo1,Jin-Hong Park1

Sungkyunkwan University1

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.12
Modifying the Hybridization of Transition Metal d Orbitals with Weak External Fields

Pragathi Darapaneni1,Alexander Meyer1,Orhan Kizilkaya2,Kenneth Lopata1,James Dorman1

Louisiana State University1,Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices2

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.13
Unique Nanocrystalline Bulk pn Homojunctions for Opto-Electronic Devices

Shalini Menezes1,Anura Samantilleke2

InterPhases Solar1,Universidade do Minho2

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.14
Mid-Infrared Photo-Detecting Devices Using InSb Grown on Si Substrate

Kian Hua Tan1,Bowen Jia1,Wan Khai Loke1,Satrio Wicaksono1,Soon Fatt Yoon1,Kwang Hong Lee2

Nanyang Technological University1,Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre2

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.15
Synthesis of P-Type ZnO Nanorods by Self-Doping of Ag Electrode and Application of Homojunction Light-Emitting Diodes

Do-kyun Kwon1,Yoann Porte1,Jae-Min Myoung1

Yonsei University1

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.16
Atomic Layer Deposited TiO2-IrOx Alloy as a Hole Transport Layer for Perovskite Solar Cells

Wanliang Tan1,Olivia Hendricks1,Andrew Meng1,Michael Braun1,Michael McGehee1,Chris Chidsey1,Paul McIntyre1

Stanford University1

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.17
Predicting Defect Concentrations in MoO3-x with DFT Calculations

Daniel Lambert1,Alison Lennon1,Patrick Burr1

University of New South Wales1

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.18
High Resolution 3D Chemical Characterisation of Novel Cadmium Telluride Solar Cell Architectures

Thomas Fiducia1,Kexue Li2,Chris Grovenor2,John Walls1

Loughborough University1,University of Oxford2

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.19
Intrinsic Carrier Transport Dynamics in High Speed Black Phosphorus Photodetectors

Jianbo Gao1,Huili Liu2,Apparao Rao1

Clemson University1,University of California, Berkeley2

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.20
Direct Vapor Phase Growth and Optoelectronic Application of Large Band Offset SnS2/MoS2 Vertical Bilayer Heterostructures with High Lattice Mismatch

Bo Li1

Hunan University1

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5:00 PM - EN19.04.21
Large-Area WS2 Film with Big Single Domains Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Jie Xing1,Pengyu Liu1,Luo Tao1,Hong Xu1,Huiying Hao1,Hao Liu1,Jingjing Dong1

China University of Geosciences1

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