2018 MRS Spring Meeting

Call for Papers

Symposium SM03—Engineered Functional Biointerfaces—From Electronics and Nanomaterials to Biocircuits and Bionanomaterials

Engineered functional biointerfaces (Biointerfaces) serve as transducers between an engineered and a biological system. They convert external physical stimuli to cellular signals in stimulation mode, or read out biological processes in recording mode. Information can be exchanged using electricity, light, magnetic fields, mechanical forces, heat, or chemical signals. Biointerfaces have found applications for studying process in biological circuits from cell cultures to organs to whole organisms. This symposium covers the fabrications and applications of Biointerfaces that may rely on nanomaterials, bionanomaterials​, electronics or biocircuits to establish an interface with living matter.

Biointerface-facilitated signal transduction schemes, coupled with easily manipulable and observable external physical signals, have attracted considerable attentions in recent years across many biomedical sectors. This fast-changing field is evolving toward miniaturization and biomimicry and may ultimately employ nature’s design and materials to achieve long-term interface stability with great signal transduction efficiency.

This symposium will be of interest to a diverse population of interdisciplinary scientists involved with the development, characterization and application of Biointerfaces for a variety of bioinspired or biomedical applications, such as neural recording and modulation, neural prostheses, and biomedical imaging. This symposium is open to all approaches on Biointerfaces, including but not limited to inorganic and organic, bulk and nanomaterials, bioderived and biological systems. Also of interest are materials preparation and device fabrication methods as well as approaches and studies on biocompatibility and biointegration of Biointerfaces. Sessions will be divided into four coherent subthemes: Bioelectronics, Nanomaterials, Biocircuits, and Bionanomaterials​.

This symposium will provide an integrated forum across the full spectrum of Biointerfaces and facilitate coherent interdisciplinary discussions among participants on the basis of applied materials research toward addressing major challenges in the field, such as biocompatibility, biointegration, and signal transduction efficiency. It will also provide a medium to motivate discussions of the societal and economic connections that together will shape this fast evolving field.

Topics will include:

  • Soft bioelectronics
  • Nano bioelectronics
  • Mechanically compliant neural interfaces
  • Nanomaterial contrast agents
  • Nanomaterial therapeutics
  • Nanomaterial transducers
  • Biocircuits and biocomputers
  • Biodevices and biobots
  • Living neural prostheses
  • Genetically encoded reporters and transducers

Invited Speakers:

  • Polina Anikeeva (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Rashid Bashir (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • Junseok Chae (Arizona State University, USA)
  • Daniel Chiu (University of Washington, USA)
  • Gianni Ciofani (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy)
  • Alon Gorodetsky (University of California, Irvine, USA)
  • Rylie Green (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Jae-Woong Jeong (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
  • Seung-Wuk Lee (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
  • George Malliaras (Ecole de MINES Saint-Étienne, France)
  • Yoonkey Nam (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
  • Arnd Pralle (University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA)
  • John Rogers (Northwestern University, USA)
  • Ben Zhong Tang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)
  • Bozhi Tian (University of Chicago, USA)
  • Chong Xie (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Symposium Organizers

Bin Liu
National University of Singapore
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
65-65168049, cheliub@nus.edu.sg

Ivan Minev
Technische Universität Dresden
Biotechnology Center

Mikhail G Shapiro
California Institute of Technology
Department of Chemical Engineering
626-395-8588, mikhail@caltech.edu

Keywords for Abstract Submission

Biocircuits, Bioelectronics, Living neural prostheses, Mechanically compliant, Nanomaterial, Nanotransducers, Neural interfaces