2018 MRS Spring Meeting

Wearables in Smart Fabrics Fashion Show

Wednesday, April 4
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
PCC North, 300 Level, Halls C-E—Exhibit Stage

The Wearables in Smart Fabrics Fashion Show explores the intersection of materials technology and smart garment/wearable design, and provides a window on the future of materials science in this field.

Smart garments are defined as being responsive or interactive with the wearer and/or their surroundings. The evolution of smart garments can be hidden to the naked eye, but are integral to the wearer’s comfort and safety. In a wearable electronic form, smart garments are developing new marketplaces ranging from infotainment to healthcare.

After the Fashion Show, be sure to visit the designers at their poster boards to discuss the garment concepts and novel materials integration, and then cast your vote for Attendee Favorite. The winner will be announced on the Exhibit Stage on Wednesday at 5:00 pm.

A woman models red and purple organelles

Organelles—This textile composition is inspired from biological data, seamlessly embedded with sensors that can react to the wearer’s heart pulse and temperature.