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1989 MRS Spring Meeting

April 24-29
San Diego, California
Meeting Chairs: Robin F.C. Farrow, Richard W. Siegel, Angelica M. Stacy

Technical Symposia

A—III-V Heterostructures for Electronic/Photonic Devices
B—Rapid Thermal Annealing/chemical Vapor Deposition and Integrated Processing
C—Ion Beam Processing of Advanced Electronic Materials
D—Chemistry and Defects in Semiconductor Heterostructures
E—Amorphous Silicon Technology
F—Materials For Magneto-Optic Data Storage
G—Growth, Characterization and Properties of Ultrathin Magnetic Films and Multilayers
H—Optical Materials: Processing and Science
I—Space-Compatible Materials and Processing
J—Interfaces Between Polymers, Metals and Ceramics
K—Electronic Packaging Materials Science
L—Processing Science of Advanced Ceramics
M—High Temperature Superconductors: Relationships Between Properties, Structure and Solid-State Chemistry
O—Insulator and Semiconductor Clusters
P—Materials Problems of Infrastructure: How New Materials Technology Can Solve Them
Q—Technology Update on Diamond Films
X—Frontiers of Materials Research