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1993 MRS Spring Meeting

April 12-16
San Francisco, California
Meeting Chairs: Martin L. Green, Merrilea J. Mayo, Stephan M. Shapiro

Technical Symposia

A—Amorphous Silicon Technology
B—Silicon-Based Optoelectronic Materials
C1—II-VI Compound Semiconductor Photovoltaic Technology
C2—Infrared Detectors - Materials, Processing and Devices
D1—III-V Electronic and Photonic Device Fabrication and Performance
D2—Low-Temperature-Grown and Highly Non-Stoichiometic GaAs and Related Materials
E—Rare-Earth Doped Semiconductors
F—Semiconductor for Room-Temperature Radiation Detector Applications
G—Rapid Thermal and Integrated Processing
H—Polymer/Inorganic Interfaces
I—High-Performance Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites
J—Organic Materials for Nonlinear Optical Applications
K—Materials Aspects of X-Ray Lithography
L—Applications of Synchrotron Radiation Techniques to Materials Science
M1—Thin Films-Stresses and Mechanical Properties IV
M2—Materials Reliability in Microelectronics III
N—Ferroelectric Thin Films III
O—Phase Transformations in Thin Films - Thermodynamics and Kinetics
P—Common Themes and Mechanisms of Epitaxial Growth
Q1—Magnetic Ultrathin Films, Multilayers and Surfaces
Q2—Magnetic Interfaces - Physics and Characterization
R—Joining and Adhesin of Advanced Inorganic Materials
S—Fullerenes and Related Materials
T—Materials Issues in High-Temperature Superconductivity
U—Mechanisms of Deformation and Failure in Rocks and Ceramics
V—Hydroxyapatite and Related Compounds
W—Theory of Materials Properties
X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Y—Surface Chemical Cleaning and Passivation for Semiconductor Processing