2019 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

Symposium QN03 : 2D Materials—Tunable Physical Properties, Heterostructures and Device Applications

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Symposium Organizers

Deep Jariwala, University of Pennsylvania
Victor Brar, University of Wisconsin–Madison
SungWoo Nam, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ursula Wurstbauer, Technical University of Munich

Symposium Support

Accurion Inc.
attocube systems AG
CreaTec GmbH, represented by Sentys Inc.
QN03:01: Resistive Memory, Neuromorphic and Other Electronic Devices
Session Chairs
Deep Jariwala
Monday AM, April 22, 2019
PCC North, 100 Level, Room 129 A

9:30 AM - QN03.01.01
Novel Synaptic Memory Device Based on 2D TMDC Materials for Neuromorphic Computing

Min-Hyun Lee1,2,Houk Jang2,Renjing Xu2,Minsu Seol1,Chengye Liu2,Donhee Ham2,Hyeon-Jin Shin1,Seongjun Park1

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology1,Harvard University2

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9:45 AM - QN03.01.02
Synergistic Gating of Electro-Iono-Photoactive 2D Chalcogenide Neuristors—Co-Existence of Hebbian and Homeostatic Synaptic Metaplasticity

Rohit John1,Arindam Basu1,Zheng Liu1,Nripan Mathews1

Nanyang Technological University1

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10:00 AM -

10:30 AM - *QN03.01.03
Two-Dimensional Charge-Density-Wave Materials—Unique Properties and Potential Applications

Alexander Balandin1

University of California1

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11:00 AM - QN03.01.04
Single-Layer Neuromorphic MoS2 Memtransistors Fabricated by Helium Ion Beam Irradiation

Jakub Jadwiszczak1,2,3,Darragh Keane1,2,3,Pierce Maguire1,2,3,Conor Cullen1,2,3,Yangbo Zhou4,Hua Ding Song5,6,Niall McEvoy1,2,3,Zhi-Min Liao5,6,John Boland1,2,3,Hongzhou Zhang1,2,3

Trinity College Dublin1,Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices2,Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research Centre3,Nanchang University4,Peking University5,Collaborative Innovation Center of Quantum Matter6

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11:15 AM - *QN03.01.05
Recent Progress on 2D Monolayer Memory Devices

Deji Akinwande1,Rujing Ge1,Myungsoo Kim1,Xiaohan Wu1,Saban Hus1,Jack Lee1

The University of Texas at Austin1

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11:45 AM - QN03.01.06
Power Dissipation at Interfaces in Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

Akshay Murthy1,Poya Yasaei1,Yaobin Xu1,Roberto dos Reis1,Gajendra Shekhawat1,Vinayak Dravid1

Northwestern University1

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QN03.02: Synthesis and Scalable, Large Area Devices I
Session Chairs
Deep Jariwala
SungWoo Nam
Monday PM, April 22, 2019
PCC North, 100 Level, Room 129 A

1:30 PM - *QN03.02.01
Tuning Physicochemical Properties of MoS2 by Mechanical Strain

Xiaolin Zheng1

Stanford University1

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2:00 PM - *QN03.02.02
Towards Unifying Principles in Liquid Exfoliation of Various Layered Crystals

Claudia Backes1

Heidelberg University1

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2:30 PM -

3:00 PM - QN03.02.03
Germanium- and Tin Chalcogenides—Growth, Heterostructure Formation, Devices, Nanoscale Light-Matter Interactions

Peter Sutter1,Eli Sutter1

University of Nebraska–Lincoln1

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3:15 PM - *QN03.02.04
Electromagnetic Response of Large-Area Graphene Films

Byung Hee Hong1

Seoul National University1

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3:45 PM - QN03.02.05
Tailoring Commensurability of hBN/Graphene Heterostructures Through Substrate Morphology and Epitaxial Growth Conditions

Daniel Pennachio1,Chance Ornelas-Skarin2,Nathaniel Wilson1,Elliot Young1,Anthony McFadden1,Tobias Brown-Heft1,Kevin Daniels3,Rachael Myers-Ward3,D. Gaskill3,Charles Eddy3,Chris Palmstrom1

University of California, Santa Barbara1,University of California, Irvine2,U.S. Naval Research Laboratory3

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4:00 PM - QN03.02.06
Controlled Vapor Growth and Nonlinear Optical Applications of Large Area 3R Phase Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Atomic Layers

Xiao Wang1,Zhouxiaosong Zeng1,Danliang Zhang1,Anlian Pan1

Hunan University1

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4:15 PM - QN03.02.07
Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis and Characterization of Ultra-Thin Single-Crystal Metallic Molybdenum Dioxide Nanosheets

Amey Apte1,Sandhya Susarla1,Anand Puthirath1,Pulickel Ajayan1

Rice University1

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