2020 MRS Spring Meeting

Abstract Submission Instructions

Submit an Abstract
Deadline October 31, 2019, 11:59 pm

Abstract Title

Enter the title in mixed case.  Please do not use all capital letters, bold type, underlining or other formatting tags.  In MRS Abstract titles, prepositions are not capitalized.
Example of Mixed Case:  Some Defect Types in Intermetallics and Their Consequences

Abstract Length and Content

Submissions are limited to 4,000 characters. The MRS online system does not accept images or graphics.

Submitting abstracts via the MRS online system is easy and convenient. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the submission pages, making sure that complete mailing address information is included for the presenting and contact authors. After submitting your abstract, please use your seven-digit Control ID number in all communications with MRS regarding the abstract. Once a paper number (e.g., EN03.08.01) is assigned, it would be helpful to have that included as well when corresponding to MRS.


You have the ability to revise your abstract up to the abstract deadline date of October 31, 2019 by returning to www.mrs.org/spring2020/call-for-papers and clicking on the Submit an Abstract button to log in with your User ID and Password. On the Submissions tab, you MUST first return it to "draft" status, make corrections, and RESUBMIT the revised version.  It is IMPORTANT that you resubmit the edited abstract in order to return it to the meetings database.  If you DO NOT resubmit your abstract, the symposium organizers WILL NOT review it, so it WILL NOT be considered for the meeting.