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Videos on Sustainability

  Materials Research Society FoundationThe Materials Research Society partners with the global TV production company WebsEdge to produce MRS TV at MRS Spring and Fall Meetings. The following videos focus on MRS' sustainability programs, as well as MRS members' interests in sustainability practices.

2018 MRS Spring Meeting

Materials Needs for Energy Sustainability by 2050 - 100% Replacement of Fossil Fuels by Sustainable Alternatives

MRS TV speaks to attendees at the 2018 MRS Spring Meeting, to ask them "How does sustainability factor into your research?".

2017 MRS Fall Meeting

Our ability to achieve an energy-efficient, low-emissions future will depend on significant materials advances over the coming decades. This session convenes top experts to discuss the role of the circular economy in bringing about this vision, including related materials science challenges and socioeconomic and policy factors.

2017 MRS Spring MeetingPlaylist

2016 MRS Fall Meeting
National Science Foundation's Sustainability Opportunities

Linda Sapochak, director of NSF Division of Materials Research, discusses sustainability and related funding opportunities at NSF, citing the success of NSF-funded researcher Benjamin Hsiao of Stony Brook University.

View Hsiao's invited talk along with other sustainability talks from the 2016 MRS Spring Meeting.

2016 MRS Spring Meeting—Playlist

2015 MRS Fall Meeting—Playlist

2014 MRS Spring Meeting

MRS Energy & SustainabilityDavid S. Ginley and David Cahen

2013 MRS Spring Meeting

New MRS Journal to launch in 2014—David Ginley and David Cahen

2012 MRS Fall Meeting