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2017 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit1438

Mar 22, 2017, 17:22 PM
Graduate Student Award Finalists Special Talk Sessions

The MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage
graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials
research display a high level of excellence and distinction. In addition to
the MRS Graduate Student Gold and Silver Awards, the Arthur Nowick
Graduate Student Award, which honors the late Dr. Arthur Nowick and
his lifelong commitment to teaching and mentoring students in materials
science, will be presented to a GSA finalist who shows particular promise
as a future teacher and mentor.

All Meeting attendees, especially students, are encouraged to attend
the sessions.


Session 1: Soft/Biomaterials and Modeling Studies       Paper/Poster
12:00 Ye Zhang Fudan University SM2.2.03
12:15 Ye Shi The University of Texas at Austin SM8.2.04
12:30 Shuozhi Xu Georgia Institute of Technology CM2.3.02
12:45 Tyler Schon University of Toronto SM8.8.09
1:00 Yanxi Li Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University CM5.1.02
1:15 BREAK      
1:30 Zichao Ye University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign CM1.4.06
1:45 Swetha Barkam University of Central Florida SM1.3.29
2:00 Michael Christiansen Massachusetts Institute of Technology SM1.7.03
2:15 Won-Kyu Lee Northwestern University SM1.5.02
Session 2: Nanomaterials        
12:00 Sujay Desai University of California, Berkeley NM1.4.04
12:15 Katalin Szendrei Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München NM8.6.02
12:30 Yude Su University of California, Berkeley NM7.11.05
12:45 Pengcheng Chen Northwestern University NM4.9.05
1:00 Aditya Sood Stanford University NM2.1.03
1:15 BREAK      
1:30 Nigel Becknell University of California, Berkeley NM4.4.03
1:45 Lixin Sun Massachusetts Institute of Technology NM4.1.03
2:00 Jinxing Li University of California, San Diego NM10.5.04
Session 3: Energy Storage and Conversion        
12:00 Won Jun Jo Massachusetts Institute of Technology ED8.11.09
12:15 Jie Zhao Stanford University ES2.2.03
12:30 Zhengshan Yu Arizona State University ES14.5.04/ES11.5.04|ES11.5.04/ES14.5.04
12:45 Gerald Brady University of Wisconsin–Madison ED7.6.07
1:00 Arko Graf Universität Heidelberg ED8.4.23
1:15 BREAK      
1:30 Qiyang Lu Massachusetts Institute of Technology ES13.10.05
1:45 Achim Woessner ICFO–The Institute of Photonic Sciences ED13.17.05
2:00 Siying Peng California Institute of Technology ED13.5.03
2:15 Fudong Han University of Maryland, College Park ES13.1.07
2:30 YunHui Lin Princeton University ES11.10.03
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