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The Materials Research Society recognizes that diversity drives innovation, excellence and new discoveries. We charge our membership and leadership to engage all demographic groups worldwide in advancing science and technology to improve the quality of life.

"Research shows that diverse working groups are more productive, creative and innovative and engage at a higher level of critical analysis than homogeneous groups. Diversity is critical to innovation and the advancement of science and technology and their impact on global economic leadership.

The scientific and engineering communities must strive to become more inclusive, engaging all geographic and demographic groups in advancing science and technology. The Materials Research Society recognizes that diversity drives innovation, excellence and new discoveries. Although progress has been made, segments of our worldwide scientific community still remain a largely untapped resource in research and innovation."

—2013 MRS President Orlando Auciello in the MRS Bulletin
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The Materials Research Society is committed to promoting diversity in the fields of Materials Science and Engineering. Below are a variety of the society's initiatives and activities which are working to promote diversity in these fields.

MRS Diversity Stats & Demographics (PDF)

Diversity Subcommittee

  • Mentoring Program 
  • NSF Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials collaboration (PREM)

Women in Materials Science and Engineering Subcommittee

  • Breakfasts: Women in Materials Science & Engineering Breakfasts are held at both the MRS Spring and Fall Meetings. These special gatherings feature a timely discussion of issues facing women in the materials science and engineering professions.
  • Workshops: MRS offers professional development workshops at the MRS Fall Meetings.

University Chapters

MRS University Chapters includes joint chapters with Sociedad Mexicana de Materiales (SMM) and the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS).

Education Outreach

MRS Community Connections

A biannual e-newsletter published with the goal of expanding our thinking beyond research to build an inclusive environment where all materials scientists will flourish. 

How You Can Help

Additional Diversity Resources


In this interview from MRS TV, Magaly Spector talks about an innovative program to bring more diversity to materials research.

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