Best Student Paper and Best Poster Awards

Papers based on the independent research of the graduate student who is presenting the work are eligible for the Best Student Paper Award.  The abstract must be identified as a student paper at the time of submission.  The award is made based on the quality of the written abstract and the oral or poster presentation.  The awards will be presented at the next year's Device Research Conference.


Best Paper and Best Poster Awards


Ava Tan
Best Paper: Ava Tan
, University of California, Berkeley
(Advisor: Sayeef Salahuddin)
Reliability of Ferroelectric HfO2-based Memories: From MOS Capacitor to FeFET


Theresia Knobloch
Best Paper: Theresia Knobloch
, Institute for Microelectronics TU Wien
(Advisors: Tibor Grasser, TU Wien; Joerg Appenzeller, Purdue University)
Analysis of Single Electron Traps in Nano-Scaled MoS2 FETs at Cryogenic Temperatures

Jay Doherty
Best Poster: James Doherty
, Duke University
(Advisor: Aaron Franklin)
Capping Layers to Improve the Electrical Stress Stability of MoS2 Transistors


Best Paper: Yoni Mehlman, Princeton University
(Advisors: James C. Sturm, Naveen Verma and Sigurd Wagner)

Best Poster: Kevin Lee, Cornell University
(Advisors: Debdeep Jena and Huili (Grace) Xing)


Best Paper: Michael Hoffmann, NaMLab gGmbH
(Advisor: Thomas Mikolajick)

Best Poster: Stephanie Bohaichuk, Stanford University
(Advisor: Eric Pop)


Best Paper: Shyam Bharadwaj, Cornell University
(Advisors: Debdeep Jena and Huili (Grace) Xing)

Best Poster: Zhihui Cheng, Duke University
(Advisor: Aaron Franklin)


Best Paper: Hema Movva, The University of Texas at Austin
(Advisors: Sanjay Banerjee and Emanuel Tutuc)

Best Posters: Isha Datye and Alexander Gabourie, Stanford University
(Advisor: Eric Pop)



Best Paper: Heng Wu, Purdue University
(Advisor: Peide Ye)

Best Poster: Hema Movva, The University of Texas at Austin
(Advisor: Sanjay Banerjee)


Best Paper: Cezar Zota, Lund University
(Advisor: Erik Lind)

Best Poster: Quentin Smets, imec
(Advisor: Marc Heyns)


Best Paper: Hari Nair, The University of Texas at Austin
(Advisor: Seth Bank)

Best Poster: Thomas Frost, University of Michigan
(Advisor: Pallab Bhatacharya)


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