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iMatSci Innovation Showcase: Innovation in Materials Science

Scientists listen to a presentation.iMatSci is the premier competition and event totally focused on showcasing early-stage innovators and their technological advances.

The event is designed for academics and industry professionals interested/involved in the commercialization of materials-based technologies, including student innovators and entrepreneurs, tech transfer, venture capitalists and professional services.

Attendance at iMatSci is provided at no charge and includes access to the innovator exhibit, pitches, and all associated workshops, seminars and panel discussions.

In order to attend the technical presentations, poster sessions or other MRS special functions, paid meeting registration is required.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend iMatSci

  1. Connect with up-and-coming materials innovators from around the world and learn about their new technologies as they progress through their earliest stages of development.

  2. Make new contacts and network with influencers and executives from industry, academia, government agencies and early-stage capital firms that drive the materials industry.

  3. Expose yourself to potential career avenues in startup organizations, where you can make a bigger impact in a fast-paced and leadership-driven atmosphere.

  4. Stay abreast with current trends in the materials industry and better focus your research to relevant industry pain points. Learn to communicate your research to a broader audience and gain meaningful impact in the world.

  5. Explore new innovation-related seminars, workshops and panel discussions featuring leading experts, analysts, and business moguls who will answer your questions and give you key insights into their successes, failures, growth and opportunities.

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