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Student Engagement

A student presents a slide to an engaged audience during PowerPoint Karaoke.

The MRS Strategic Aspiration is to engage members across generations to advance their careers and promote materials research and innovation.

Part of that aspiration includes a specific focus on student engagement. Following are some of the programs and initiatives developed by the Student Engagement Subcommittee aimed at engaging students to help promote materials research and help advance students in their education and careers.

Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry

This program, held at the 2022 MRS Spring Meeting, discussed career paths for students and early-career professionals who face one of the most significant decisions for scientists: whether to pursue a career in academia or industry. Learn more »

In this MRS TV interview from the 2022 MRS Spring Meeting, moderators and co-organizers Eva Hemmer and Elisabetta Ruggeri discuss their event, "Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry." The panelists for this event discussed the decision between a career in academia or industry, which is a choice that most students and early-career scientists face. This event focused on several factors to consider, such as career advancement, salary, work-life balance, workplace culture as well as individual skills, qualifications and career goals. 

Navigating, Surviving and Thriving in the Challenging Landscape of Academia 

Academia can be an isolating and emotionally turbulent environment, and this is only compounded by the COVID crisis. How can we support ourselves, each other and our communities? This session includes small-group reflections on mental health literacy, stressors faced by academics—especially by members of marginalized communities—and creating cultural change, while learning tools and strategies for empowerment, well-being and self-care. Read more in MRS Bulletin, or watch videos from previous sessions

PowerPoint Karaoke

This fun event is held at MRS Spring and Fall Meetings and challenges both the author of the slide and the presenter to improve their communication skills. Learn more from videos of past events »


MRS TV talks to 2022 MRS Spring Meeting PowerPoint™ Karaoke event organizers Michael Wilhelm and Anja Sutorius about this fun, engaging meeting event. PowerPoint™ Karaoke challenges both the author of the slide and the presenter to improve their communication skills. Presenters are given a random presentation slide and have five minutes to prepare a presentation using only that slide.

Launching Your Career After Graduate School

Career development, the process of exploration and action that shapes an individual's professional life, is often challenging for graduate students. Many students today struggle with the transition to a professional setting as a result of uncertainty, and sometimes choosing the right path in a world with many possibilities can be difficult and even scary. This workshop series explored the issues graduate students may encounter during the transition outside graduate school. Learn more »