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2012 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2012 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 25-30, 2012 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: Chennupati Jagadish, Thomas Lippert, Amit Misra, Eric Stach, Ting Xu

Symposium E : Photovoltaic Technologies-Materials, Devices, and Systems

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Symposium Organizers

Kimberly A. Sablon, U. S. Army Research Laboratory
Lan Fu, "Australian National University Research School of Physics and Engineering"
Zhiming Wang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Sudersena Rao Tatavarti, "MicroLink Devices, Inc."

Symposium Support

Army Research Laboratory:
Magnolia Solar, Inc.
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
E3/H2: Joint Session: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells II
Session Chairs
Zhiming Wang
Monday PM, November 26, 2012
Hynes, Level 3, Ballroom A

2:30 AM - *E3.01/H2.01
Light-harvesting with Nanoscale Assemblies Incorporating Nanocrystals and Photosynthetic Molecules

Alexander O Govorov 1

1Ohio Univ Athens USA

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3:00 AM - E3.02/H2.02
High Efficiency All-solid-state Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

In Chung 1 Byunghong Lee 2 Robert P. H. Chang 2 Mercouri G. Kanatzidis 1

1Northwestern University Evanston USA2Northwestern University Evanston USA

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3:15 AM - E3.03/H2.03
Spray Deposition of CdS and PbS Quantum Dots for Efficient Semiconductor Sensitized Solar Cells

Isabella Concina 1 2 Nafiseh Memarian 4 Gurpreet Sing Selopal 2 1 Marta Maria Natile 3 Alberto Vomiero 1 2 Giorgio Sberveglieri 2 1

1CNR-IDASC Sensor Lab amp; Brescia University Brescia Italy2Brescia University Brescia Italy3Padova University Padova Italy4Semnan University Semnan Islamic Republic of Iran

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3:30 AM - E3.04/H2.04
High Efficiency Inkjet Printed DSSCs

Christopher Woodbury 1 Thad Druffel 2 Sheila Bailey 3 Delaina Amos 1

1University of Louisville Louisville USA2Conn Center for Renewable Energy Louisville USA3NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland USA

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3:45 AM - E3.05/H2.05
Back Contact Type Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with Cylinder Shape-high Efficiency Cell by Using Optical Wave Guide Effect and Their Optical Simulation

Jun Usagawa 1 Sho Noguchi 1 Jin Ohara 1 Yuehi Ogomi 1 Shyam S Pandey 1 Shuzi Hayase 1

1Kyushu Institute of Technology Wakamatsu-ku Kitakyushu Japan

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4:00 AM - E3/H2

E4: Thin Film Solar Cells I
Session Chairs
Harry Atwater
Monday PM, November 26, 2012
Hynes, Level 3, Ballroom A

4:30 AM - E4.01
Simultaneously Optimized Design of Optical, Electrical, and Microstructural Properties in Thin-film Solar Cells

Michael G. Deceglie 1 Vivian E. Ferry 2 3 A. Paul Alivisatos 2 3 Harry A. Atwater 1

1California Institute of Technology Pasadena USA2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley USA3University of California Berkeley USA

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4:45 AM - E4.02
The Mechanism Created by the Cadmium Chloride Treatment to Improve the Efficiency of Thin Film CdTe Photovoltaics

John Michael Walls 1 Ali Abbas 1 Geoff West 1 BiancaMaria Maniscalco 1 Piotr Kaminski 1 Kurt Barth 2 Walajabad Sampath 2

1Loughborough University Loughborough United Kingdom2Colorado State University Fort Collins USA

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5:00 AM - E4.03
Realistic Simulation of Polycrystalline CIGS Absorbers and Experimental Verification

Carlo Maragliano 1 Marco Stefancich 3 2 Stefano Rampino 2 Lorenzo Colace 2

1University of ``Roma Tre" Rome Italy2CNR-IMEM Parma Italy3Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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5:15 AM - E4.04
Comparative Study of CuIn1-xGaxS2 Thin-films Absorbers Fabricated in Copper-rich and Copper-poor Regimes

Neelkanth G. Dhere 1 Ashwani Kaul 1 Eric Schneller 1 Narendra Shiradkar 1

1University of Central Florida Cocoa USA

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5:30 AM - *E4.05
The US Department of Energy SunShot Initiative

Elaine Ulrich 1

1US Dept. of Energy Washington USA

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E1: Photovoltaic Technologies I
Session Chairs
Lan Fu
Monday AM, November 26, 2012
Hynes, Level 3, Ballroom A

9:30 AM - E1.01
Dislocation Density Reduction with the Application of Mechanical Stress

Douglas M Powell 1 Hyunjoo Choi 1 Sergio Castellanos 1 Tonio Buonassisi 1

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA

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9:45 AM - E1.02
Transformative Methods for Solar Cell Contact Formation by N-gettering

Jon-Paul Maria 1 David Henry Hook 1 James LeBeau 1 Ian Cooper 2 Ajeet Rohatgi 2 Brian Laughlin 3

1NC State University Raleigh USA2Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta USA3DuPont Microcircuit Materials Durham USA

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10:00 AM - *E1.03
Harvesting More of the Solar Spectrum with Quantum Dot-based Photovoltaics: Material Constraints and Opportunities

Matthew Doty 1 William Reid 1 Tobin Driscoll 2 Chelsea R. Haughn 1 Laura R. Vanderhoef 1 Joshua M. O. Zide 1

1University of Delaware Newark USA2University of Delaware Newark USA

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10:30 AM - E1.04
Iron Kinetics Simulation and Experimentation Demonstrating Potential for Novel Industrial Processing of Silicon Solar Cells

David P Fenning 1 Jasmin Hofstetter 1 Ashley E Morishige 1 Annika Zuschlag 2 Giso Hahn 2 Tonio Buonassisi 1

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA2University of Konstanz Konstanz Germany

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10:45 AM - E1.05
Comparison of Multi-crystalline Silicon PV Modulesrsquo; Performance under Augmented Solar Irradiation

Yang Hu 1 Donald Huckle 1 Daniel Dryden 1 Dave Hollinshead 2 Mark Schuetz 2 Roger French 1

1Case Western Reserve University Cleveland USA2Replex Plastics Mount Vernon USA

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11:00 AM - E1

E2: Next Generation Solar Cells I
Session Chairs
Kimberly Sablon
Monday AM, November 26, 2012
Hynes, Level 3, Ballroom A

11:30 AM - *E2.01
Photonic Structures for High Efficiency Full Spectrum Photovoltaics

Harry A. Atwater 1

1California Institute of Technology Pasadena USA

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12:00 PM - E2.02
Exfoliated ~25mu;m Si Foil for Solar Cells with Improved Light-trapping

Sayan Saha 1 Dabraj Sarkar 2 Mohamed Hilali 1 Emmanuel Onyegam 1 Rajesh Rao 3 Ryan Smith 3 Dewei Xu 3 Leo Mathew 3 Dharmesh Jawarani 3 Ujjwal Das 4 Jerry Fossum 2 Sanjay Banerjee 1