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Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) Alliance

Two attendees talk at the mentoring breakfastMRS is one of five leading scientific societies that has formed the Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) Alliance to increase the participation of women and underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities (UREM) in graduate studies in the field of materials science and engineering. 

With a mission to increase the number of materials science PhD’s awarded to UREM students, MRS intends to establish a bridge program modeled after the successful American Physical Society (APS) Bridge Program that will invite students who exhibit academic promise and a strong commitment to furthering their education to apply for a one- to two-year bridge experience. 

Through this program, students will gain access to:

  • A professional academic support and faculty network that is committed to increasing diversity in graduate education
  • Invaluable research experiences, professional development and mentoring opportunities, and the possibility to attend workshops and conferences
  • Connections to a network of multi- and inter-disciplinary bridge program peers with similar or shared experiences

The ideal candidate for this program will be a current or former undergraduate materials science and engineering student who (1) may have applied to graduate school but was not accepted, and/or (2) may not have the necessary coursework, research experience or guidance to successfully apply for admission and complete a materials science and engineering PhD program. 

Stay tuned for more details!

MRS is targeting 2020 to begin accepting applications for bridge partners and student applications.

In addition to MRS, participating IGEN organizations include:

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