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MRS acknowledges the generosity of Sophie Robinson in endowing the MRS Nelson "Buck" Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy.


The MRS Nelson "Buck" Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy is a Fall Meeting award and will be presented at the Awards Ceremony, and announced in the MRS Bulletin and on the MRS website.

Rules and Eligibility

Eligibility for the MRS Nelson “Buck” Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy is open to students (bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD), postdocs, or other early-career professionals through five years following the highest degree attained, who have applied for the award and who have met all required criteria. Exceptions may be made for an interruption in career progression due to family/medical leave or military service. Final determination on exceptions is at the discretion of the Nelson “Buck” Robinson Science and Technology Award Subcommittee.

The award subcommittee seeks to acknowledge the value that diverse backgrounds bring to the materials research community (such as diversity in personal networks, work culture norms, and experience with the social impact of technology), and the additional career challenges faced by individuals from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in materials science and/or renewable energy technology. The committee will explicitly consider the many different factors that have shaped a candidate’s research, including racial, ethnic, social, economic, national origin, and educational context.

An applicant need not be a member of the Materials Research Society. Current members of the Awards Committee, its subcommittees, and MRS Board of Director members are not eligible. The selection of the MRS Nelson Buck Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy winners must be approved by the MRS Board based upon recommendation from the Awards Committee; the decision of the Board is final.

Awards will not be awarded in absentia except in extraordinary circumstances.


The Award is managed by the MRS Nelson "Buck" Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy Subcommittee of the MRS Awards Committee.  The Subcommittee is responsible for soliciting and evaluating applications annually and recommending an Award winner to the MRS Board for final approval.

Application Submission Information

The application will be submitted through the MRS Awards Nomination Submission Website portal. The nominator will use their MRS Customer ID and Login information to access the system. The following information and documentation are required:

  1. Completed Online Application Form - Applicant will enter the following into the online form:  Full name, organization, mailing address, email address, telephone number and applicant date of birth.
  2. A statement by the applicant (2-pages maximum) supporting their suitability for the award with respect to:
    • The specific, clearly defined, recent research achievements which are proposed for recognition
    • The potential impact of the achievements and their importance in relation to novel renewable energy technology
    • The steps taken to ensure the research is synergistic with related science and engineering fields, policy, social justice, and socioeconomic factors
    • The indications that the applicant aspires to make significant contributions in the materials area and advocate for renewable energy adoption, and have greater leverage to do so by receiving the award
  3. Curriculum Vitae of the Applicant (2-pages maximum)
  4. Two letters of support from individuals familiar with the applicant’s qualifications and dedication to renewable energy. Each letter should make specific references to the criteria listed in the applicant’s statement as noted above. Letters should be on letterhead and include the signature of the supporter. Letters must be formatted as a PDF file; two pages maximum for each letter. The applicant will upload the letters of support to the system.

    Note: Application materials surpassing page limits will not be reviewed.

Submission Procedure and Deadline

The MRS Awards portal will open and close on the published date1 of this award. The applicant will use their MRS website credentials to access the system. Previously submitted applications may also be updated in the system by using the applicant’s login information. Applications for this award are active for three years.

Please contact Lorri Smiley should you have technical difficulties or other submission concerns. 

NOTE:1 If an Award nomination deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the submission deadline will then default to the following business day at 11:59 pm.