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Start an MRS University Chapter Today!

  Materials Research Society FoundationYou’ll find starting an MRS University Chapter is a fun and exceptionally valuable experience. Working through your chapter—hosting events, creating special projects and connecting with experts from around the world—will prepare you for future professional and leadership roles in the materials community. Your chapter can also play a vital role in bringing science to a broader audience. Now more than ever, the goal is to successfully bring research out of the laboratory and into the classroom and to the general public … to show how materials have changed our history and continue to shape our future.

Just follow these five easy steps, and you’re on your way

It’s easy to start an MRS University Chapter! As a recent change to the  MRS University Chapters’ policy, MRS does not require that students are current MRS Members in order to petition to form a chapter. It is required, however, that two faculty advisors are current MRS Regular Members and one must be tenured. Please review the Policy for details on becoming a chapter as well as the benefits available to ACTIVE chapters (see University Chapters Handbook) for further details. Students and Faculty can complete and sign the Petition to Organize an MRS University Chapter and send it to MRS. Your petition will be validated and sent to MRS Board for a vote on recognition for your organization. It is usually a formality at that point.  

  1. Recruit Members

    It is important to recruit students enrolled not just in materials science but in other related fields as well. This will help to broaden your member base and allow for more robust and interdisciplinary chapter activity. Students who want to create a University Chapter do not need to be MRS Student Members. 

    Department rosters listing students enrolled in chemistry, physics, ceramics, MS&E and other materials-related fields may be available from your university. Check them out for your recruiting purposes. And be sure to promote your chapter at all relevant events—seminars, workshops, field trips and even social events.
  2. Complete a Short “ Petition to Organize an MRS University Chapter

    MRS does not require that students are current MRS Members, however, you must have two faculty advisors that are current MRS Regular Members and one must be tenured. 
  3. Submit Your Petition

    Submit your petition here »
  4. Board Approval

    If you have enough members and meet the other policy requirements, your petition will be validated and sent to the MRS Board of Directors for a vote on recognition for your organization.
  5. Receive Your Chapter Charter

    Once approved, your chapter representatives will be invited to attend the next MRS Spring or Fall Meeting to officially accept your charter and to attend the University Chapter Luncheon.