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Cycle for Science

Bringing interactive, renewable-energy focused science lessons to communities by bicycle

In 2015, Rachel Woods-Robinson and Elizabeth Case launched the first edition of  Cycle for Science: a transamerica bicycle tour to teach K-12 students about physics and renewable energy. Now, fast forward to 2017 ... and Cycle for Science is back! This time, heading out into the Central Valley and Rachel was joined by an air quality specialist, Johanna Heyer, and an energy technology/policy wonk, Kelly Jiang. Their goal is to bring interactive, renewable-energy focused science lessons to communities by bicycle to demonstrate to students, scientists, and the public, via a carbon-free pedal powered trek, that science is an epic adventure!  Learn more about Cycle for Science lesson plans and how to print a 3D copy of their  SOL CYCLE.



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Impact of Materials on Society

This project aims to build creative thinking by giving students enough exposure to the cultural and physical dimensions of materials and materials science to enable them to see current engineering problems in new ways, and to think globally as well as locally. By targeting this class to first-semester students, it will enable students to draw lasting connections between their general education requirements and core materials science and engineering curricula throughout their undergraduate careers.

In this MRS TV interview from the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting, Kevin Jones, chair of the Impact of Materials on Society Subcommittee, talks about the  IMOS project which developed the introductory-level course Impact of Materials on Society (IMOS) , suitable for undergraduates in engineering, sciences, education and liberal arts.

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