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Mailing List Rental Order Procedures

MRS mailing lists are available for rent for one-time use only with each order and cannot be duplicated, entered into any databases or used for telemarketing purposes. MRS reserves the right to deny requests which are intended for mailings in conflict with its programs, principles or other interests. 

Email Distribution Lists

Transmission Specifications

  • All transmissions must be completed through MRS
  • Select categories using corresponding alphabetic and numeric codes
  • Submit email message in HTML format; also provide plain text version if available (charges may apply for necessary alterations or for composition of HTML files)
  • Attachments not permitted
  • Provide email subject line and name to appear in "From" line
  • Provide launch date and billing address
  • Test email will be sent to requester
  • There is no charge for messages that do not reach your customers

Email List Fees

  • Email List Rental: $350 per thousand
  • Transmission Fee: $300 per order 
  • Special Customization (optional): $100 per order
  • List Reuse: Original list rental fees less 10 percent

Postal Mailing Lists

Order Specifications

  • Select categories using corresponding alphabetic and numeric codes
  • Lists are provided as an Excel file and transferred via email to a bonded mailing house only; provide email address for mailing house
  • Indicate key code, optional
  • Provide a sample of the literature to be mailed
  • Provide due date and billing address
  • Printed labels not available

Postal List Fees

  • Postal List Rental (Excel file): $350 per thousand
  • Set-up: $100 per order
  • Special Customization (optional): $100 per order
  • Random Select (optional): $100 per order
  • List Reuse: original list rental fee less 10 percent

Terms & Conditions

  • List counts provided within five working days of request; lists delivered within 10 working days of count approval
  • Discount of 15 percent of list rental fee will be allowed to registered list brokers
  • Sales tax added for PA residents
  • Invoice net thirty (30) days; Finance charge of 18 percent per annum (1.5 percent per month) assessed on all accounts over thirty (30) days

Technical Consultants

Dr. Gordon E. Pike
Prof. Christopher J. Bettinger
Dr. Gopal R. Rao  

Order Submission

Please complete Mailing List Rental Order Form and return to [email protected].

For additional information, contact Jennifer Ibe at [email protected].