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MRS Board Policy for University Chapters

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5.5.1:  MRS University Chapters Policy

Purpose: This policy sets forth the criteria for establishing university chapters and the structure and responsibilities of each chapter

Applies to: MRS student members and academic advisors

University Chapters of the Materials Research Society

  1. Establishment of a University Chapter shall be authorized by the Board of Directors.  Petitions requesting the organization of a University Chapter shall be addressed to the Board of Directors and shall be signed by at least eight students and by two Regular MRS Members who are on the faculty of the academic institution to be served by the proposed University Chapter.  One of the faculty Members must have tenure at the institution, and both faculty Members must agree to advise the University Chapter for a minimum of two years.  The title of the University Chapter shall contain the name of the institution with which it is associated. In case of multi-university chapters, universities must be in close proximity to enable in-person meetings of chapter members.  Each of the participating universities must have a Faculty Member involved.  One of the universities must be designated to communicate with MRS and take responsibility for handling all financial tasks.

  2. University Chapters may be affiliated with other materials professional societies. 

  3. Any student attending the academic institution may become a University Chapter Member upon payment of University Chapter dues.

  4. The officers of the University Chapter shall include a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.  The offices of secretary and treasurer may be combined and held by one person.  In the case of multi-university chapters, Chapter officers must represent all participating institutions.

  5. The University Chapter executive committee shall consist of the officers of the University Chapter.

  6. The University Chapter executive committee shall manage the affairs of the University Chapter; pass upon and authorize the annual budget controlling expenditures; pass upon the eligibility of applicants for membership; fill all vacancies; approve all appointments; and consider and dispose of all matters referred to it by the University Chapter.  Any duties not otherwise specifically mentioned which tend to better the welfare of the University Chapter may be assumed by the University Chapter executive committee, insofar as they are consistent with the objectives of the Society.

  7. By April 1 of each year, the University Chapter shall submit to the Society a brief financial statement including total revenues and expenditures for the prior calendar year, and the current balance, and the Annual Activity Report with a summary of University Chapter activities for the previous academic year (June 1 through April 1) including the number of meetings held, a list of newly elected officers, the number of current Chapter Members, and a notice of significant meetings for the current academic year.  

  8. The University Chapter shall not incur indebtedness on behalf of the Society without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

  9. A University Chapter will be approved as a chapter in the program indefinitely.  To be considered active, a chapter must have submitted their chapter’s yearly reports (Financial and Activity Reports) by the published deadlines and must have as Chapter members at least eight students (no MRS membership requirement) and two current Regular MRS Members (faculty advisors) for a period of 12 months. However, only active chapters with a minimum of eight MRS Student Members and two current Regular MRS Members are eligible to receive monies from MRS and the Materials Research Foundation.

    If the annual Financial and Activity reports are not received by MRS, the chapter will be placed on inactive status until the forms are received, and no benefits can be received for activities during the inactive period.    

  10. No action or obligation of the University Chapter shall be considered an action or obligation of the Society.  A statement to this effect shall be imprinted in any contractual or financial agreement entered into by a University Chapter.

  11. The Society reserves the right to dissolve a University Chapter at any time if, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, such action is in the best interests of the Society.