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2021 MRS Fellows


Andrea Alu
Andrea Alù, The City University of New York

For seminal contributions to the realization of engineered materials and metamaterials, and their several applications in electromagnetics, photonics and acoustics
Guillermo Ameer
Guillermo A. Ameer, Northwestern University

For his contributions to regenerative engineering through pioneering work developing antioxidant citrate-based polymers that are useful for musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, dermal, and urological applications, rendering them enabling technologies to improve health

Irene Beyerlein
Irene J. Beyerlein, University of California, Santa Barbara

For her influential contributions to multi-scale modeling of severe plastic deformation, twinning mechanisms in hcp metals and alloys, and mechanics of nanomaterials and laminated metallic structures
Alexandra Boltasseva
Alexandra Boltasseva, Purdue University

For her contributions to plasmonic and optical metamaterials including as plasmonic waveguides for on-chip circuitry, high-temperature nanophotonics, optical structures with extremely low refractive index, and tunable plasmonics

Carol Handwerker
Carol Handwerker, Purdue University

For national leadership across the field of electronic materials packaging, from structure evolution in ceramics to Pb-free solder replacements, and for leadership in sustainability in materials selection and materials education
Liangbing Hu
Liangbing Hu, University of Maryland

For his pioneering advances in the area of wood nanotechnologies and ultra-high temperature manufacturing and for uncovering new materials and methods for energy storage and conversion, printed electronics and wearables

Andreas Lendlein
Andreas Lendlein, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

For his world-renowned research on shape-memory polymers enabling different stimuli, degradability and reversible movements as well as their applications in minimally invasive surgery, regenerative medicine and robotics
Jorg Loffler
Jörg F. Löffler, ETH Zürich

For pioneering contributions to novel metallic materials design that have significantly advanced the fields of bulk metallic glasses and biodegradable implant materials

David Martin
David C. Martin, University of Delaware

For the design, synthesis, and characterization of conjugated polymers for interfacing electronic biomedical devices with living tissue; and for service to the MRS and broader materials community
Ying Shirley Meng
Ying Shirley Meng, University of California, San Diego

For developing integrated, multiscale computational and in-situ/operando characterization approaches to measure, control and improve energy storage materials and technologies

Paolo Samorì
Paolo Samorì, Université de Strasbourg

For highly significant contributions to the advancement of materials science by developing novel high-performance multifunctional materials and devices for technologically relevant applications in (opto)electronics, energy and sensing
Franky So
Franky So, North Carolina State University

In recognition of achievements in advancing the research and development of organic semiconductors and contributions to the commercialization of OLED technology

Eric A. Stach
Eric A. Stach, University of Pennsylvania

For the innovative development and application of in situ and operando methods for the characterization of nanoscale phenomena in materials, largely through transmission electron microscopy
Yang Shu
Shu Yang, University of Pennsylvania

For outstanding contributions to the design, synthesis, assembly, and fabrication of responsive, foldable, and buildable soft and bioinspired materials, and for pioneering research on mechanical instabilities and photonic structures

Haimei Zheng
Haimei Zheng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

For her pioneering work in the understanding of growth, structural transformations and self-assembly of nanoscale materials and dynamic phenomena at solid-liquid interfaces by developing innovative in-situ electron microscopy techniques