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The Government Affairs Committee contributes to the development of governmental science and technology policy in materials-related areas by responding to and initiating opportunities to interact nationally and internationally with government officials and public and private organizations on matters of science and technology policy. 

The Materials Research Society is an organization of materials scientists and engineers with worldwide representation, dedicated to promoting diversity, egalitarianism, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We believe that it is vital to allow scientists to conduct their critical work and research outside of changing political climates, civil unrest or any other factors that may inhibit the abilities of researchers to continue to make their valued contributions to improving everyday life for the public at large.

The current economic climate poses many challenges for MRS and the materials community, whose research priorities are critically affected by both federal and international mandates. With that in mind, the GAC continues to work diligently to provide timely information on emerging public policy issues, federal programs and other activities of importance to its members and others in the materials community.

Below are current issues and communications developed to help advance the policy goals of the materials community. Select each title below to read its description, and click Read More to view the downloadable PDF.