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  MRS Energy & Sustainability publishes reviews on key topics in materials research and development as they relate to energy and sustainability.
Topics reviewed are new R&D of both established and new areas; interdisciplinary systems integration; and objective application of economic, sociological and governmental models, enabling research and technological developments.

The reviews are set in an integrated context of scientific, technological and sociological complexities relating to environment and sustainability.

In this interview from the 2019 MRS Fall Meeting, Y. Shirley Meng, Editor-in-Chief of MRS Energy & Sustainability, discusses her vision for the journal.

MRS Bulletin


MRS's Focus on Sustainability (PDF)
Ashley White, chair of the Focus on Sustainability Subcommittee, introduces the new MRS initiative, Focus on Sustainability. The program, through various meeting programs and activities, will put the materials-sustainability nexus in the spotlight and show MRS members the value of integrating sustainable practices into their work.

Special Issues

Materials for Sustainable Development
This special issue of MRS Bulletin introduces the critical roles that materials science plays in this field of sustainable development. 

Harnessing Materials for Energy
This special issue of MRS Bulletin presents the materials challenges that must be addressed to move toward secure, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy to meet the world’s accelerating energy needs.

Energy Quarterly (EQ) is a special section published in the March, June, September and December issues of MRS Bulletin dedicated to the challenges facing materials scientists in the quest for sustainable solutions to the world's energy problems. The section aims to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the materials for energy field, for both experienced researchers and the general reader.  


Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environmental SustainabilityCover of Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environment Sustainability
This textbook addresses the critical relationships among environment, energy and sustainability. Leading experts from around the world provide comprehensive coverage of each topic, bringing together diverse subject matter by integrating theory with engaging insights. Each chapter includes helpful features to aid understanding, including a historical overview, suggested further reading and questions for discussion. Every subject is illustrated with full-color images and color-coded sections for easy browsing, making this textbook a complete educational package.