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The Materials Research Society recognizes Future Leaders in the materials community, inviting them to talk about their current research, and where they see their field going in the next 10 years.


MRS Future Leaders

"My research focuses on designing next generation materials for energy storage technology, specifically capacitors. These capacitors play a vital role in several industries such as, defense, Aerospace, energy, and transportation."

Rishi Gurnani, Georgia Institute of Technology




"In particular I have been interested in studying the structural dynamics and the symmetry dictated the properties of this material and examining their temple and phase transformations, exploring of very electric stem conductor in this material family." 

Ye Zhang, University of California, Berkeley 




"I spent the last five years of my PhD working at the forefront of polymer-based battery materials, and I've been developing this new type of polymer electrolytes that anchor the solvent molecule in the system."

Rachel Z. Huang, Stanford University



"Technologies world s sensors offer a non-invasive method of continuously monitoring human health however in incorporating wearable s devices for continuous Health monitoring is often  Incorporated with several challenges and some of these challenges include  attaining a continuous flow of sweat."

   Jihong Min, California Institute of Technology




"For my Ph.D. I'm working on developing  polyelemental nanoparticle using nanoparticle conversion chemistry. Polyelemental nanoparticle consist of more than three elements, synthesizing them with different metal precursor in a single pot reaction."

    Nabojit Kar, Indiana University Bloomington



"My research focuses on designing functional nanostructured crystals using geometry-inspired principles, specifically ... involves synthesizing open architecture colloidal crystals with properties by design."

Yuanwei Li, Northwestern University



"My research focuses on the direct synthesis and chemical weep deposition of two dimensional transition carbides and nitrites also known as Mxenes."

   Di Wang, University of Chicago




"Bioprinting is an up and coming technology where living human cells are mixed with bioinks to 3D print tissue like three-dimensional structures."

Terry Ching, Singapore University of Technology and Design




"I noticed that often when modeling defects and solids our gradient-based structure optimization could often get stuck in a local minimum on the potential energy surface rather than identifying the true global minimum or defect ground state."

Seán Kavanagh, University College of London and Imperial London College



“My research is focused in solution processable routes for transition metal dichalcogenide Nano sheets, in particular we found a way to take commercially available powder and transform it into high performance semiconducting Nano sheets.”

Rebekah Wells,  École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne




"My research is on unraveling the structured property correlations in durable multiplayer photometrics. So in heterogeneous catalysis such as photocatalytic water splitting we use semiconductors that harvest solar energy and causes a useful solution to ever rising energy and environmental concerns."

    Kaustav Chatterjee, Indiana University



"Our research uses computational modeling to understand the optimistic properties of solid state energy materials such as batteries thermoelectrics and solar photovoltaics for example. To then leverage these insights to optimize performance."

Seán Kavanagh, University College of London and Imperial London College




"I believe the fundamental studies of organized nasoscope materials have provided a broad library of nanomaterials where the arrangements and compositions can be precisely tailored."

Wenjie Zhou, Northwestern University



Puzzle X Future Leaders

MRS recognizes winners of the Poster Session at 2022 Puzzle X as future leaders in the materials research community. PUZZLE X™ is the flagship international event convening leading figures in science, industry, and government on how Materials Deep Tech research will change the future of cities, citizens, and industry. The Materials Research Society (MRS)-endorsed 2022 event was held on November 15–17, 2022, in Barcelona, Spain.


"Developing synthesizing and designing new materials for mRNA vaccination. As you may know we have a difficult landscape regarding vaccination so we are trying to synthetize new and safe materials for the administration of mRNA in a target specific delivery way to patients."

   Coral Garcia-Fernández, IQS Barcelona




"What we created was a nanoparticle mediated way of interacting with the brain so that it's non-surgical, you can stimulate regions of the brain very precisely, very fast and completely wirelessly."

Elric Zhang, University of Miami





"When you communicate  with Quantum information different rules apply and so you read different things, you know different things and we study this knowledge of how other peoples strategies affects the overall equilibrium for example."

Giannicola Scarpa, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid