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Von Hippel Award

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The Von Hippel Award, the Materials Research Society's highest honor, recognizes those qualities most prized by materials scientists and engineers—brilliance and originality of intellect, combined with vision that transcends the boundaries of conventional scientific disciplines.

The Von Hippel Award is named after Arthur von Hippel (1898-2003), who was a pioneer in the study of dielectrics, semiconductors, ferromagnetics and ferroelectrics. He was an early advocate of the interdisciplinary approach to materials research, and his example substantially furthered the science of materials. View the Arthur von Hippel Memorial Website »


Submission Deadline is May 1, 2024


Award Package

The Von Hippel Award includes a $10,000 cash prize, honorary membership in MRS, and a unique trophy — a mounted ruby laser crystal symbolizing the many-faceted nature of materials research. The award is presented annually at the MRS Fall Meeting where the recipient is invited to speak at the Awards Ceremony. The recipient will have registration fees and reasonable travel expenses paid in order to attend the meeting.



MRS TV talks to 2023 MRS Von Hippel Award winner Reshef Tenne.

Nomination Information

Rules and eligibility, nomination package requirements and more are available here.


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