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MRS Bulletin: Arthur R. von Hippel Tribute Issue

 Cover of the November 2005 MRS Bulletin

The November 2005 issue of MRS Bulletin was devoted to the life and times of Arthur R. von Hippel. Titled "Arthur R. von Hippel, In Memoriam (1898–2003): A Tribute to the Interdisciplinary Materials Research He Spawned," the issue was edited by Guest Editors Mildred S. Dresselhaus and Praveen Chaudhari. In honor of Arthur von Hippel, the issue was made freely available online.

Below are the tribute articles that appeared in that issue.

Arthur Von Hippel and Magnetism (PDF)

This article examines the role that Arthur von Hippel played in magnetism work in the 1950s. (John B. Goodenough)

Arthur von Hippel: The Scientist and the Man (PDF)

This article shows the personal and professional contexts within which von Hippel—the namesake of the Materials Research Society's highest award—emerged as a scientific leader and role model of interdisciplinarity, as seen through the eyes of his son, Frank N. von Hippel (Frank N. von Hippel)

Expanding Frontiers in Biomaterials (PDF)

This article celebrating Arthur von Hippel's career considers the expanding frontiers in the field of biomaterials, a subject that intrigued him given his interests in the molecular engineering of materials. (Samuel I. Stupp, Jack J.J.M. Donners, Liang-shi Li, and Alvaro Mata)

Ferroelectricity: The Foundation of a Field from Form to Function (PDF)

Highlights the major role Arthur von Hippel and the Laboratory for Insulation Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology played in the early development of the field of ferroelectricity in mixed oxides with the perovskite structure.(R.E. Newnham and L. Eric Cross)

The Long-Reaching Influence of Arthur von Hippel: Interdisciplinarity and Semiconductors (PDF)

This article covers the major developments and players in semiconductors from their early discovery and understanding, in the context of von Hippel's seminal development of the interdisciplinary approach to research and its impact on the field. (Alan B. Fowler)

The Molecular Designing of Materials and Devices (PDF)

Arthur von Hippel had a great goal: "the molecular designing of materials and devices." This article describes how computational materials theory has evolved over the last half century, helping to transform that goal from dream to reality. (Morrell H. Cohen)